5MV: All Seasons
Caretaker Zeke Voyager's first mission takes it a wee bit farther out than expected.
Parallax Admiral Sab Janeway promotes B'Elanna for punching Carey in the face.
Time and Again Zeke Janeway and Paris blow up a planet, except they don't.
Phage Kira Voyager meets some Vidiians who suck at playing hard to get. Tom takes his first Solo flight.
The Cloud Jade Janeway gives the Coffee Nebula its name.
Eye of the Needle Marc Richard Doc can't get no satisfaction. A bunch of Romulans nearly end the series early.
Ex Post Facto Gordon Comstock In a decision that will haunt him for seven years, Tuvok saves Tom Paris.
Emanations Jade Harry dies and comes back. He resolves never to do it again.
Prime Factors Zeke Janeway ticks off the Planet of the Hedonists. Tuvok and Torres find out why they shouldn't have dropped out of obedience school.
Cathexis Jade Chakotay gets possessive. Evil Tuvok makes his debut appearance.
Faces Kira Tom gets a hankering for some double-mint gum. Some Vidiians join the hair club for men.
Jetrel IJD GAF (forthcoming)
The 37s Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg The crew finds the truck behind the disappearance of Amelia Earhart.
Initiations Katy Jane (forthcoming)
Projections Zeke Doc kills Tom and nobody cares.
Elogium Kira Kes and Neelix consider reproducing, until Tuvok tells them it would be "elogical."
Non Sequitur Zeke When a Cosimic blunder lands him on Earth, Harry must outwit security to get back. Fortunately, this is Starfleet security.
Twisted Kira An anomaly threatens to rearrange Voyager's face; the crew calls its bluff. Janeway develops a sudden, mysterious need for Rogaine.
Persistence of Vision Jade An alien has fun with everybody's brains and enrages the P/Ters of the world for years to come.
Tattoo Celeste Doc gets sick of not being the biggest whiner on the ship. Chakotay searches for his roots.
Cold Fire Jade Janeway gets medieval on Susperia, who deserves it for that silly name.
Maneuvers Cureboy The Kazon take Chakotay. Inexplicably, Voyager takes him back.
Prototype Marc Richard Revenge of the Unconvincing Blue Robots!
Alliances Kira Janeway makes Seska an offer the Trabe can't refuse.
Threshold J. D. Curran Tom's need for speed results in a J/P extravaganza.
Meld Zeke A psycho blows Tuvok's mind.
Dreadnought Derek Dean B'Elanna builds a polite killer missile.
Investigations Zeke Voyager finally gets rid of Tom, but it doesn't take. Neelix gives a traitor his just desserts.
Deadlock Kira The crew gets double vision. Harry dies, but comes back and brings Naomi with him. He'll pay for that one.
Innocence Kira Tuvok's singing is so out-of-tune his audience de-ages and dies. Janeway finds an alien captain a bit too wrapped up in her work.
The Thaw Species 5236 Harry Kim has nothing to fear but Fear itself.
Tuvix Zeke Tuvok and Neelix prove that two heads are not better than one.
Resolutions Zeke Janeway and Chakotay get down to some monkey business.
Basics, Part I Zeke Janeway loans the ship to the Kazon, but the jerks don't give it back. Suder's unemployment finally gets to him.
Basics, Part II Zeke Janeway loans the ship to the Kazon, but the jerks don't give it back. Suder's unemployment finally gets to him.
Flashback IJD GAF Tuvok suffers from post-traumatic Sulu disorder.
The Chute Kira (forthcoming)
The Swarm FatMatDuhRat Doc gets a clean slate, thanks to Aerosmith.
False Profits Kira Neelix assumes his true form at last. To his annoyance, Kes refuses to learn oomox.
Remember Marc Richard (forthcoming)
Sacred Ground Zeke Janeway takes on religion. Religion wins.
Future's End Zeke The crew takes on 20th-century LA. It's kind of a draw.
Warlord darkler Kes takes on the Dark Side. Neelix loses.
The Q and the Grey Arachnia Janeway learns that breaking up is hard to Q.
Macrocosm Kira Janeway finds the cure for the uncommon cold.
Fair Trade Derek Dean (forthcoming)
Coda Zeke Kissing Janeway and becoming Captain... could this be the best day of Chakotay's life?
Blood Fever Zeke P/T versus V/T. Gee, who's gonna win?
Unity Annika Hansen Chakotay finds out that Borg have more fun.
Darkling Nic Corelli Doc battles his dark side. And Einstein's dark side. And Gandhi's dark side. And....
Favorite Son Kira (forthcoming)
Before and After Kira Kes takes a look at her future and runs in the opposite direction.
Displaced Admiral Sab Voyager gets invaded by the Body Switchers in furtherance of P/T.
Worst Case Scenario Zeke Tuvok writes himself into a corner. Seska demonstrates why we all hate editors.
Scorpion Zeke The Borg learn that futility ain't what it used to be.
The Gift J. D. Curran Kes gains the power to warp reality. Seven of Nine demonstrates her power to warp demographics.
Day of Honor Zeke B'Elanna and Paris trace their relationship problems to their core.
Nemesis IJD GAF A Trebusian's final mindwipe begins....
Revulsion Zeke Doc and Torres discover something fishy. Harry seduces Seven so he can turn her down. Neelix has an awful day.
The Raven darkler Seven gets a backstory. Tuvok gets jealous.
Year of Hell Zeke Captain Ahab lays the smack down on Voyager. Seven goes seeing-eye dog.
Concerning Flight Kira Tuvok gets ethnic. Leonardo rains on the Doc's parade.
Mortal Coil Zeke Neelix stars in It's a Wonderful Death.
Waking Moments Zeke Seven shows Harry her true feelings. Janeway blows up.
Message in a Bottle Zeke The Romulans are faced with a paradox. See, pair 'a... oh, forget it.
Hunters Hejira Harry hones his whining skills as Voyager goes postal.
Prey Zeke The Hirogen bite off more than Voyager can chew.
The Killing Game Zeke Never having watched "Basics," the Hirogen decide to take over the ship.
Vis Vis Kira Short on cash, Tom rents out his body. B'Elanna doesn't mind.
The Omega Directive Kira Seven renames Harry to help Janeway destroy perfection. It's all Greek to Chakotay.
Unforgettable Zeke Chakotay learns to forgive and forget.
Demon 4GOM Harry gets assertive and lands the ship in a pool of sentient goo. That'll teach him.
One Marc Richard Seven takes up residence in a D/7er's paradise.
Hope and Fear Zeke Voyager gets a jumpstart, courtesy of one bitter, bitter man.
Night Species 5236 Janeway finds a new role model: Achilles.
Drone Nan Seven buys a make-your-own-drone kit. The Borg demand a refund.
Extreme Risk Admiral Sab B'Elanna beats the stuffing out of herself. Chakotay beats the stupid out of her. Paris beats the Malon at hot rod construction. Neelix beats eggs for pancakes.
In the Flesh Marc Richard Chakotay goes where no Borg has gone before.
Once Upon a Time Zeke Tired of babysitting Naomi, Neelix makes the holodeck do it for him.
Timeless Zeke Harry kills everybody, but it's okay because he fixes it later.
Infinite Regress Marc Richard (forthcoming)
Thirty Days Kira Tom gets a refresher course in the ensigns of command.
Counterpoint Zeke Janeway gets the five-year itch.
Latent Image Zeke Doc snaps pictures. Doc snaps his fingers. Doc snaps.
Bride of Chaotica! Alexia Chaotica tries to take over Earth but Doc beats him to it. Janeway struts her stuff in monochrome.
Bliss Marc Richard Seven and Naomi forget to take their gullibility pills.
Dark Frontier Zeke Seven defies the monarchy. Voyager re-coils.
The Disease CaptAnna Janeway gets a limited-edition glow-in-the-dark Harry Kim.
Course: Oblivion Zeke A photocopy of Voyager gets fed into the shredder.
Think Tank Kira Janeway shows Kurros who's master of whose domain. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Juggernaut Australis Pretending he's Yoda, Tuvok trains B'Elanna to fight Darth Malon.
Someone to Watch Over Me Hejira Doc and Seven do the Pygmalion thing.
11:59 IJD GAF The Y2K bug creates an exact duplicate of Janeway in the past. Kate Mulgrew denies any involvement.
Relativity IJD GAF Seven logs a few Frequent Time-Traveller miles.
Warhead IJD GAF (forthcoming)
Survival Instinct Andy Taylor Seven's past gives her a wedgie.
Barge of the Dead Zeke B'Elanna discovers the real meaning of Hell: Doc singing Berlioz.
Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy Zeke Doc pretends he's Jim Kirk. Janeway approves.
Alice Zeke Tom Paris falls down the rabbit hole.
Riddles Derek Dean (forthcoming)
Dragon's Teeth J. D. Curran Seven learns to let sleeping dogs lie.
One Small Step Marc Richard The truth finally comes out: ellipses kill.
The Voyager Conspiracy Heiwa Janeway and Chakotay prove P. T. Barnum right. Seven gives Rick Wharton a run for his money.
Pathfinder Gorizo Reg Barclay saves the day. The Admiral Paris Anti-Defamation League scores its first victory.
Blink of an Eye IJD GAF Voyager finds out what happens when you leave a planet on fast-forward.
Memorial Kira Chakotay, Neelix, Tom and Harry discover the downside of having a photographic memory. Doc chuckles, having learned that lesson a year ago.
Tsunkatse Benne Holwerda The Rock beats up Seven. Seven beats up Martok. Voyager beats up Weyoun. Don't that beat all?
Ashes to Ashes Jen Z Harry has a brush with death.
Good Shepherd J. D. Curran Janeway gives three inept clods a crash course. No, not a course about crashing -- Chakotay teaches that one.
Live Fast and Prosper Gorizo Voyager learns that imitation is the sincerest form of skullduggery.
Muse Zeke B'Elanna Torres turns out to be Kate Winslet's secret identity.
Fury J. D. Curran Kes vs. Everybody: the grudge match.
Life Line Mark Ivey Doc finds out whom to blame for his hairline.
Unimatrix Zero, Part I Zeke Seven blows up her boyfriend's hangout. Janeway, Tuvok, and Torres get a makeover.
Unimatrix Zero, Part II Zeke Seven blows up her boyfriend's hangout. Janeway, Tuvok, and Torres get a makeover.
Imperfection Zeke Seven's battery runs out.
Drive Zeke B'Elanna gets mad at Tom, so she marries him. Neelix goes Sportline.
Repression Zeke Tuvok blows Chakotay's last shot at the big time.
Critical Care Zeke Doc tries to bring down the Hospital of Death. Janeway gets a new boyfriend.
Inside Man Zeke The Ferengi decide they won't settle for just one Voyager episode. Troi shows off.
Body and Soul Zeke Doc walks a mile in Seven's catsuit.
Nightingale Zeke The Kraylor learn why Harry is not a captain. Icheb does the Vorik thing.
Flesh and Blood Zeke Rebels, tough guys, and a turncoat Doc.
Shattered Zeke Chakotay does the time warp again.
Lineage Zeke B'Elanna meddles in God's domain.
Repentance Zeke Seven makes a new friend, who then dies. She should know better by now.
Prophecy Tassia and Ryven Klingons, Klingons everywhere, nor any drop to drink.
The Void Zeke Fighting bigotry, escaping celestial potholes, and defeating the spiritual leader of the Minbari... just a day in the life of Kathryn Janeway.
Workforce Zeke The crew decide Earth isn't so hot after all. Doc sees red.
Human Error Zeke Seven gets in touch with her feelings and learns a valuable lesson: don't get in touch with your feelings.
Q2 Zeke Neelix catches lockjaw as Janeway babysits a lowercase Q.
Author, Author Zeke Doc writes a fiver. The crew are not amused.
Friendship One Zeke Tuvok displays his brilliance. Some guy gets killed.
Natural Law Zeke Chakotay and Seven spend some time in the Land of Oog. Tuvok joins the thought police.
Homestead Zeke Neelix meets his destiny. Some miners get their feelings hurt. Tom and Tuvok have a game of Zero Wing.
Renaissance Man Zeke Deciding that the warp core isn't all that important, Doc goes superspy.
Endgame Zeke Janeway is of two minds about the getting-home thing. Seven trades in her Pinocchio for the real boy. Icheb finally gets his day in the sun.
Hiatus Zeke Janeway gets nostalgic for those old Season 1 days.
Snakes in the Grass Zeke The Cardassians borrow Seven for a while. Voyager charges interest.
Between Heaven and Hell Zeke Chakotay indulges in his love of caves yet again. Icheb proves that the universe is complacent.
Fair-Weather Friends Zeke Janeway and Chakotay discover the joys of redundancy.
Magpie Zeke Doc gets ethnic. Janeway takes a hefty demotion.
Yesterday's Love Story Zeke Janeway gets Lokalized and learns of the evils of subtlety.
Retrospect Zeke B'Elanna pulls a "Wrongs Darker Than Death Or Night."
In the Eye of Empyrean Zeke Janeway and Chakotay finally cave in. Tuvok reads some spoilers.
A Darker Light Zeke Sernaix commander "I'm With Stupid" Vex crashes Harry and Seven's road trip.
Enigmas Zeke Chakotay finds Data's head. Janeway sticks it to the Man.
The Journey Zeke Icheb one-ups Chakotay, effortlessly. Seven finally gets the proof she needs. Doc's brain explodes.
Soul Searching Zeke Janeway grosses out a cutesy kid. Sam Wildman demonstrates her leadership skills.
Remora Zeke Kim pays a visit to the land of Oz. Ken dies to save Barbie.
Rise and Fall Zeke Axum gets axed. Janeway gets shanghaied. Kim gets squashed. Doc gets his groove back.
The Fall of Shadows Zeke Starfleet brings some Weird Sisters to justice. Miral takes a vacation. Janeway deals with biased barristers, angry Axanar, and vigilant Vorlons.
Jurisprudence Zeke Doc can't teach an old Maddox new tricks. Janeway uncovers a fake Skinner.
Mind Trap Zeke Seven straddles the line between the Dark Side and the...er, Non-Dark Side.
Through the Fire Zeke Admiral Bland saves Commander Bland. Seven meets a few thousand of her enemies. Miral gets medieval.
One Door Closes Zeke Janeway gets the Worst News Ever. Chakotay finds out what his dad was up to during "Resolutions."
We Shall Overcome Zeke To get himself taken seriously, Doc becomes a hippie.
Echoes of the Mind Zeke Lovebirds Harry and Seven defeat the eeeeevil Section 31. B'Elanna gets sick for a really good reason.
Distant Elephants Zeke Janeway and Chakotay try one last gambit to shut up the J/Cers. Tuvok gets his revenge.
Secrets and Lies Zeke Harry takes Section 31 for Granted. Janeway meets her long-lost sister from Friends. Isylpah wins the Silliest Ayrenath Name award.
48 Hours Zeke Janeway and Chakotay finally finish killing C/7. Miral becomes The One. Tuvok drops off his excess baggage. Harry uses way too much vanishing cream.
Defenders of the Realm Zeke Kim gets in touch with his inner Caretaker. Chakotay doesn't like Warhol's solution to his unemployment problem. Janeway gives her new first officer a big VVS9 welcome.
The Rising Storm I Zeke
The Best of Both Girls, Part 1 Zeke Janeway's plan bears fruit. The Collective goes nuts.
The Best of Both Girls, Part 2 Zeke Janeway is the queen. Starfleet is the champions. It's a Borg-hemian rhapsody!
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