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5MV: Season 3
Latest addition: Five-Minute "Favorite Son" (December 22)
Basics, Part II Zeke Janeway loans the ship to the Kazon, but the jerks don't give it back. Suder's unemployment finally gets to him.
Flashback IJD GAF Tuvok suffers from post-traumatic Sulu disorder.
The Chute Kira (forthcoming)
The Swarm FatMatDuhRat Doc gets a clean slate, thanks to Aerosmith.
False Profits Kira Neelix assumes his true form at last. To his annoyance, Kes refuses to learn oomox.
Remember Marc Richard (forthcoming)
Sacred Ground Zeke Janeway takes on religion. Religion wins.
Future's End Zeke The crew takes on 20th-century LA. It's kind of a draw.
Warlord darkler Kes takes on the Dark Side. Neelix loses.
The Q and the Grey Arachnia Janeway learns that breaking up is hard to Q.
Macrocosm Kira Janeway finds the cure for the uncommon cold.
New! Fair Trade Derek Dean (forthcoming)
Coda Zeke Kissing Janeway and becoming Captain... could this be the best day of Chakotay's life?
Blood Fever Zeke P/T versus V/T. Gee, who's gonna win?
Unity Annika Hansen Chakotay finds out that Borg have more fun.
Darkling Nic Corelli Doc battles his dark side. And Einstein's dark side. And Gandhi's dark side. And....
New! Favorite Son Kira (forthcoming)
Before and After Kira Kes takes a look at her future and runs in the opposite direction.
Displaced Admiral Sab Voyager gets invaded by the Body Switchers in furtherance of P/T.
Worst Case Scenario Zeke Tuvok writes himself into a corner. Seska demonstrates why we all hate editors.
Scorpion Zeke The Borg learn that futility ain't what it used to be.
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