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5MV: Season 2
Latest addition: Five-Minute "Initiations" (December 20)
The 37s Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg The crew finds the truck behind the disappearance of Amelia Earhart.
New! Initiations Katy Jane (forthcoming)
Projections Zeke Doc kills Tom and nobody cares.
Elogium Kira Kes and Neelix consider reproducing, until Tuvok tells them it would be "elogical."
Non Sequitur Zeke When a Cosimic blunder lands him on Earth, Harry must outwit security to get back. Fortunately, this is Starfleet security.
Twisted Kira An anomaly threatens to rearrange Voyager's face; the crew calls its bluff. Janeway develops a sudden, mysterious need for Rogaine.
Persistence of Vision Jade An alien has fun with everybody's brains and enrages the P/Ters of the world for years to come.
Tattoo Celeste Doc gets sick of not being the biggest whiner on the ship. Chakotay searches for his roots.
Cold Fire Jade Janeway gets medieval on Susperia, who deserves it for that silly name.
Maneuvers Cureboy The Kazon take Chakotay. Inexplicably, Voyager takes him back.
Prototype Marc Richard Revenge of the Unconvincing Blue Robots!
Alliances Kira Janeway makes Seska an offer the Trabe can't refuse.
Threshold J. D. Curran Tom's need for speed results in a J/P extravaganza.
Meld Zeke A psycho blows Tuvok's mind.
Dreadnought Derek Dean B'Elanna builds a polite killer missile.
Investigations Zeke Voyager finally gets rid of Tom, but it doesn't take. Neelix gives a traitor his just desserts.
Deadlock Kira The crew gets double vision. Harry dies, but comes back and brings Naomi with him. He'll pay for that one.
Innocence Kira Tuvok's singing is so out-of-tune his audience de-ages and dies. Janeway finds an alien captain a bit too wrapped up in her work.
The Thaw Species 5236 Harry Kim has nothing to fear but Fear itself.
Tuvix Zeke Tuvok and Neelix prove that two heads are not better than one.
Resolutions Zeke Janeway and Chakotay get down to some monkey business.
Basics, Part I Zeke Janeway loans the ship to the Kazon, but the jerks don't give it back. Suder's unemployment finally gets to him.
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