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5MV: Season 1
Latest addition: Five-Minute "Jetrel" (December 20)
Caretaker Zeke Voyager's first mission takes it a wee bit farther out than expected.
Parallax Admiral Sab Janeway promotes B'Elanna for punching Carey in the face.
Time and Again Zeke Janeway and Paris blow up a planet, except they don't.
Phage Kira Voyager meets some Vidiians who suck at playing hard to get. Tom takes his first Solo flight.
The Cloud Jade Janeway gives the Coffee Nebula its name.
Eye of the Needle Marc Richard Doc can't get no satisfaction. A bunch of Romulans nearly end the series early.
Ex Post Facto Gordon Comstock In a decision that will haunt him for seven years, Tuvok saves Tom Paris.
Emanations Jade Harry dies and comes back. He resolves never to do it again.
Prime Factors Zeke Janeway ticks off the Planet of the Hedonists. Tuvok and Torres find out why they shouldn't have dropped out of obedience school.
Cathexis Jade Chakotay gets possessive. Evil Tuvok makes his debut appearance.
Faces Kira Tom gets a hankering for some double-mint gum. Some Vidiians join the hair club for men.
New! Jetrel IJD GAF (forthcoming)
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