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5MV: Season 4
Latest addition: Five-Minute "Message in a Bottle" (June 4, 2005)
The Gift J. D. Curran Kes gains the power to warp reality. Seven of Nine demonstrates her power to warp demographics.
Day of Honor Zeke B'Elanna and Paris trace their relationship problems to their core.
Nemesis IJD GAF A Trebusian's final mindwipe begins....
Revulsion Zeke Doc and Torres discover something fishy. Harry seduces Seven so he can turn her down. Neelix has an awful day.
The Raven darkler Seven gets a backstory. Tuvok gets jealous.
Year of Hell Zeke Captain Ahab lays the smack down on Voyager. Seven goes seeing-eye dog.
Concerning Flight Kira Tuvok gets ethnic. Leonardo rains on the Doc's parade.
New! Mortal Coil Zeke Neelix stars in It's a Wonderful Death.
Waking Moments Zeke Seven shows Harry her true feelings. Janeway blows up.
New! Message in a Bottle Zeke The Romulans are faced with a paradox. See, pair 'a... oh, forget it.
Hunters Hejira Harry hones his whining skills as Voyager goes postal.
Prey Zeke The Hirogen bite off more than Voyager can chew.
The Killing Game Zeke Never having watched "Basics," the Hirogen decide to take over the ship.
Vis Vis Kira Short on cash, Tom rents out his body. B'Elanna doesn't mind.
The Omega Directive Kira Seven renames Harry to help Janeway destroy perfection. It's all Greek to Chakotay.
Unforgettable Zeke Chakotay learns to forgive and forget.
Demon 4GOM Harry gets assertive and lands the ship in a pool of sentient goo. That'll teach him.
One Marc Richard Seven takes up residence in a D/7er's paradise.
Hope and Fear Zeke Voyager gets a jumpstart, courtesy of one bitter, bitter man.
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