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5MV: Season 5
Latest addition: Five-Minute "Warhead" (December 24)
Night Species 5236 Janeway finds a new role model: Achilles.
Drone Nan Seven buys a make-your-own-drone kit. The Borg demand a refund.
Extreme Risk Admiral Sab B'Elanna beats the stuffing out of herself. Chakotay beats the stupid out of her. Paris beats the Malon at hot rod construction. Neelix beats eggs for pancakes.
In the Flesh Marc Richard Chakotay goes where no Borg has gone before.
Once Upon a Time Zeke Tired of babysitting Naomi, Neelix makes the holodeck do it for him.
Timeless Zeke Harry kills everybody, but it's okay because he fixes it later.
New! Infinite Regress Marc Richard (forthcoming)
Thirty Days Kira Tom gets a refresher course in the ensigns of command.
Counterpoint Zeke Janeway gets the five-year itch.
Latent Image Zeke Doc snaps pictures. Doc snaps his fingers. Doc snaps.
Bride of Chaotica! Alexia Chaotica tries to take over Earth but Doc beats him to it. Janeway struts her stuff in monochrome.
Bliss Marc Richard Seven and Naomi forget to take their gullibility pills.
Dark Frontier Zeke Seven defies the monarchy. Voyager re-coils.
The Disease CaptAnna Janeway gets a limited-edition glow-in-the-dark Harry Kim.
Course: Oblivion Zeke A photocopy of Voyager gets fed into the shredder.
Think Tank Kira Janeway shows Kurros who's master of whose domain. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Juggernaut Australis Pretending he's Yoda, Tuvok trains B'Elanna to fight Darth Malon.
Someone to Watch Over Me Hejira Doc and Seven do the Pygmalion thing.
11:59 IJD GAF The Y2K bug creates an exact duplicate of Janeway in the past. Kate Mulgrew denies any involvement.
Relativity IJD GAF Seven logs a few Frequent Time-Traveller miles.
New! Warhead IJD GAF (forthcoming)
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