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APRIL 2006


May 4

And again with the lengthy unscheduled absences. However, I had some things to get in order, and now they mostly are. Except these alphabet blocks. I mean, "G", "X", "Q"... how am I supposed to know which of these weird shapes come before others? I'm not Stephen Hawking, people.

Anyway, let's start things off with a link -- a very valuable link. Now that Doctor Who is a big part of this site, some of our readers (such as me) have been feeling a little lost. Some have never seen DW at all; others have only seen the current show. Enter Alan Kistler. Alan is a frequent contributor to the comics blog Monitor Duty, and for a while now he's been writing profiles on major DC characters like the Flash, Green Lantern, and Firestorm. His profiles are extensive and very knowledgeable; for someone who wants to learn a character's history, they're the perfect compromise between brief Wikipedia-type overviews and just reading every issue. (Sort of an inverse FiveMinute.net, if you think about it.)

What does this have to do with Doctor Who? It seems Alan is a big fan -- and he recently wrote profiles on each of the Doctor's first eight incarnations! I'm up to number three, and so far they're as interesting and informative as his comics profiles. Each one links to the next, so the place to start is his First Doctor profile. You can find a complete list of the profiles he's written here -- I recommend them all.

Also, apparently Morena Baccarin (Firefly's Inara) is in the running for Wonder Woman. How cool would that be?



May 6

Derek's Smallville fivers are back! ...In the sense that they were perfectly punctual and have been waiting for me to post them. Here are "Mercy," "Fade," and "Oracle." (Shouldn't Clark have met Batgirl in that last one? Just sayin'.)



May 10

It's Derek's birthday! (His age? Well, he's married, so I'm guessing 53.) To celebrate, I've written a couple of birthday Top 10 lists -- one for each of his subsites. Here are The Top 10 Signs That Your Girlfriend is Odo Undercover and The Top 10 Signs That You're Not In Smallville.



May 15

I've given the Features section a long-overdue update. Among other things, you'll find a new section for our many April Fool's events. The earliest ones aren't actually viewable yet (I have to reconstruct them), but the last three are there in full, along with brief comments on each.

Two notes today. First, the Trek Nation server is being moved right now, so don't be surprised if service is a little choppy. I'll let you know when the changeover is complete. (You'll also be able to tell by our new forum software.) Second, happy slightly-belated birthday to Fuyu Ginga, a longtime reader and forumgoer... whose name, if you didn't know this, means "winter galaxy." Cool.



May 21

You may not have heard about this, but earlier this week the president gave an important speech about illegal aliens. If you missed it, that's okay -- This Just In was, as always, on the job. Here's their live coverage of President Archer on illegal Klingon immigration.

And speaking of TJI, don't look now, but I've created a monster....



May 22

Happy Victoria Day! In honour of Queen Victoria, there will be no sex in today's update.

Especially in the champagne room.

On a related topic, the server move is currently underway, and this site will be changing over soon. Antony says he'll give me at least a day's notice, and I'll pass that notice on to you when it arrives. The biggest change will be to our forum, which is switching from phpbb to vBulletin; there may be a day or two of downtime during the changeover. On the bright side, we should see a marked decline in people hacking into our server to host illegal movie files....



May 23

Klingon time! (Man, we've gotta secure that border.) Here are two more of Nate the Great's DS9 fivers: "Blood Oath" and "Once More Unto the Breach." They're definitely not soft Kor.



May 26

You may recall that after last year's The OC season finale, I did a Top 10 list about what changes it would make. This year's finale was even bigger -- so it demands a Top 10 list of its own. Here's The Top 10 Consequences of The OC's Season 3 Finale. NOTE: That's not the real title. The real title is a big spoiler, and I don't want to spoil people like catalina marina who haven't got the current season yet... although this particular one is probably unavoidable by now (it's been all over the news).



May 30

You all know Tate -- he's the one responsible for our Chex Quest content. (I'm still not sure whether I should thank him or curse his name unto the fifth generation.) Well, today's his birthday, and so I'm doing something I should have done an exceedingly long time ago: publish his latest fiver. Remember his parody of Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri? Well, he went on to hit another of Sid's games. In the finest tradition of off-the-wall VG fivers, here's Five-Minute Sid Meier's Civilization III by Tate.


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