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MARCH 2002


March 1

For day five of Next Generation Week, it's new section head IJD GAF's first venture into 5MNG: "Relics." There will hopefully be new content for one of the other sections later today.

By the way, the forums are back now. I've also belatedly fixed a couple of formatting mistakes in Kira's fivers.


March 2

It's day six of Next Generation Week, and, like the six strings of a guitar, our string of six parodies ends where it began (but higher). Marc Richard, section head of 5MNG, delivers his eleventh contribution in that section to date: "The Pegasus." I think you'll find that it's also one of his best.

Don't touch that dial -- tomorrow, NG Week's grand finale awaits! No one will be seated for the shocking climax....


March 8

After one of my customary silent periods, I've finally got the grand finale of Next Generation Week online. The promised main event is Derek Dean's 5MV debut: Star Trek: Generations, the third and final Next Gen movie to get the Five-minute treatment. As a bonus, here's my own contribution to the 5MNG extravaganza -- a new This Just In article, and the first to have a TNG theme. Find out how the TNG characters save world from supervillain.

And now, a special treat! You've heard me talk about Thinkey a zillion times, but she's never written material for 5MV -- until now. She's done up a special extra-long This Just In: Guinness, Wood undertake new Enterprise. This sucker is as insane as the girl herself, and just as high-quality. <g> Enjoy!

(Oh yeah, I've also done the latest Enterprise episode, "Fusion." It's been available at TrekToday since Tuesday. Why do I always take so long to upload them here?)


March 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all and sundry. I know the updates have been really sparse lately, but there's a lot of new material in preparation, and this week has kept me very busy. I'll get back to a good speed before long. Meanwhile, enjoy the temporary new site banner.

Something else I'd like to point you to is the latest 5MV reader poll, which I've dubbed "None of the Above." Next time I write a fiver other than the usual kinds (Ent, Drom, and Voy), what series would you want it to be from? You can pick anything from Star Wars to Beast Wars as long as it's in the science fiction genre. Let me know what you want!


March 25

I don't know anybody who works faster than Thinkey... in more ways than one. She wrote an X-Files parody, Five-Minute "War of the Coprophages," not long ago, and today I half-jokingly suggested to her that she write a Babylon 5 parody next. Within sixty minutes, it was on my hard drive. Is it just her vast XF knowledge, or has she been genetically enchanced? Your call. Anyway, her "Sic Transit Vir" fiver is now ready, making today's update a double-header from her in Sci-Fivers. Guess that sort of makes it Thinkey Day at 5MV, but I'm not likely to notice -- every day is Thinkey Day for me. <g>

Today's features also include a special Top 10 list from Kira. That section traditionally doesn't take submissions, but I pretty much had to make an exception in this case... you'll see why.


March 27

Just a quick note that Five-Minute "Rogue Planet" will be published in the next two days, as will the "Acquisition" fiver. A weird sequence of events this week kept me from watching the episode until last night. Now that I've seen it and taken notes, the ideas are coming so fast I can barely keep up, but I don't have time to write them all down yet -- my clarinet and I are needed for a jazz concert this evening. (If I wrote the Top 10 Reasons Zeke Is Like Ensign Kim, that would be number one. Of course, now that I've mentioned it, Kira is probably going to write it....)


March 27

Five-Minute "Rogue Planet" is now online.

I'm going to bed now.

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