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5MV Update History

maintained by Zeke



December 14

(This was the day version 3.0 was finally launched. This section wasn't here yet, but you can read the extensive update notes here.)


December 17

(This update is covered in the Sci-Fivers section of the notes.)


December 25

Merry Christmas, all! (If you celebrate another holiday at this time of year, please substitute its name for Christmas in the preceding sentence. If not, ignore the two sentences between the parentheses.) As you'll have noticed, I've seasonally decorated the main page; I'll be leaving it that way till Epiphany or so.

No content updates yet. There are two new VS8 fivers to come, and I hope they'll be done today, but don't count on it -- I have a big Christmas dinner with relatives this evening. You'll see the fivers tomorrow if I don't get them done today.

Incidentally, you may have noticed another change to the banner: the addition of a new domain name. www.Sci-Fivers.com.ar will now take you to 5MV! Huge thanks go out to Leandro Pardini (layout guy at The Leela Zone), who got me the domain.


December 27

It took me longer than I'd hoped, but Five-Minute "Echoes of the Mind" is now online. By the way, I highly recommend the actual episode -- it's one of VS8's best yet.

On an unrelated topic...if you'd like to be notified when I add new content, I've decided to set up an e-mail system. Send a message to zeke@sci-fivers.com.ar with "update list" in the subject line and I'll add your address to the list.


December 28

Five-Minute "Distant Elephants" is now up, making me officially caught up on VS8 fivers.

One subscriber to the update list so far (hi Mich!). I'm not sure how many readers check this page, so I'll post a link of some sort on the front page soon.

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