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5MV Update History

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August 1

Added a new link in Trek Links and a few in Links to 5MV.


August 9

This Just In is back! Take a look at this week's article: "Episode II title causes AI research disaster."

Also online is my third Trek Nation article, a convention report on Toronto Trek 15, available at the Trek Nation and also here at 5MV.

Finally, there's a new link in Comic Links and a couple in Links to 5MV. Stay tuned for new fivers very soon....


August 11

As the main page announces, 5MV's got a Season 6 extravaganza going! First up are "Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy" and "Alice," my first new fivers in nearly a month (sorry). Gorizo has returned with "Live Fast and Prosper," his sophomore effort for the site and a darn fine one. Joining the party are Mark Ivey with "Life Line" and Heiwa with "The Voyager Conspiracy." Four of these five episodes had been requested, so this takes a nice solid whack at the Queue.

The other big news today is the unveiling of the all-new Five-Minute Voyager Forums. Head to the Features page for the story.

One more note: with this update, 5MV has passed the halfway point. 91 of Voyager's 171 hours are now fived, which comes out to 53.2% coverage. It's all downhill from here!


August 13

Added a couple of links on Links to 5MV.


August 15

VVS8 is back from its "Hiatus" (sorry). My fiver for the new episode, "Yesterday's Love Story," is now up. Normally I try to keep my personal views on an episode out of its fiver, but you may find this one a little revelatory.

The new forums are already doing well -- if you haven't dropped by yet, do!


August 27

Well, the bad news is I haven't updated in twelve days. The good news is I have lots of new content for ya today.

  • First and foremost, an all-new fiver for Deep Space Nine's pilot episode, "Emissary." This is my first DS9 parody, and probably not my last.
  • A related item is the new section for DS9's version of VVS8: What You Come Back To. The full story is here.
  • The latest VVS8 fiver, "Retrospect," has in fact been online since last Wednesday, but I never got around to updating the pages in question. Sorry about that; I'll make sure not to let it happen again this week.
  • 5MV's got four new guest fivers for your reading pleasure! First off, Jade returns with "The Cloud." Second, a double-header from new writer Kira: "Concerning Flight" and "Vis Vis." Finally, Andy Taylor makes his debut with "Survival Instinct."
  • I'm still not back up to my former weekly schedule, but I've got a new This Just In for you: "VVVS8S8 launches." This one's a parody of VVS8, featuring cameos from several virtual-season writers, and I'm very proud of it. Thanks go out to the very-cute-and-insane-in-a-good-way Thinkey, who linked to this one on the VVS8 front page without my even asking!
  • Business at the new forums is booming; have a look if you haven't yet.
  • A few news items ago, I used the term "Scapegoats" to refer to Farscape fans. I meant this in good humour, but it's been brought to my attention that some fans may have taken it as an insult. If this is true, I apologize to all such fans; it really was just a joke.
  • Finally....I have another apology to make, so please bear with me. Jules, I am truly, truly sorry I offended you. It wasn't my intent and I had no idea I'd done so, but I should have known better. Please believe that I have nothing whatsoever against you. Please reconsider.

August 29

The new VVS8 fiver, "In the Eye of Empyrean," is now up.

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