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February 3

Apologies for the downtime; the site is back up and running, and the forums will follow in a day or two. Slightly delayed by the server maintenance, here's a new This Just In from Marc Richard: 5MV to launch all-Trek TV channel.


February 9

Hey all, Zeke here. I apologize once again for the site's extended downtime, and also for the problems we're having with the forums; those will be back up and running later in the week, though.

Today we're opening a new page that's been in progress for a while now: the Movies page of Sci-Fivers. You'll find three new parodies there, along with a co-hosted copy of the Stargate fiver I wrote for Nan's 5MSG. Two are from new guest writers: Babylon 5: In the Beginning by ArsenicMan and Doctor Who: The Movie by SCMoll (remember him?). The third is a joint fiver by me and Kira for last year's box-office hit Minority Report. We had lots of fun writing it, and we both feel that this fiver is perfect. Perfect, damn you!

That's all for now, but I've got a TJI in progress which should appear by late afternoon. Stay tuned.

February 9 Supplemental

Kira here, with Zeke's promised TJI: Sci-fi cleans up at Sci-Fi Emmys. Also, an addition to the About section that Zeke has painstakingly compiled: the Fiver By Author pages, which he's put together for himself, me, Marc Richard, and IJD GAF.


February 18

Hey all, Zeke here. The forums are still in progress, but we'll have them back soon (I just need to do the rest of the graphics). In the meantime, here's my first Enterprise fiver in far too long: Five-Minute "Cease Fire. There isn't an official Trek BBS comment thread, but an unofficial one is here.

To fill out today's update, I've got a pair of long-since-finished fivers for Farscape. FatMatDuhRat does his first 5MF with "Durka Returns," the debut of his beloved Chiana, while Merlin Missy, still the strongest contributor to the section, takes a shot at the execrable "The Locket." (Sorry, I know I should be nice, but I really, really hate that one. It's like a bad parody of bad fanfic.) I took so long with these that Mat and Merlin have each finished another one -- you'll see those soon.


February 22

Zeke here. Greetings to all, and welcome to our celebration of the first birthday of Five-Minute Star Trek: the Original Series.

Under the leadership of IJD GAF, 5MV's third major subsite has grown to encompass 45.5 hours of material from eight different writers. I'll admit I had my doubts when IJD first brought up the idea -- I wasn't sure there'd be enough interest in the not-exactly-recent original series, a factor which I also worried would make readers less likely to get all the jokes. But IJD has proved me wrong and exceeded my highest expectations. Far from obscure, 5MST has become a core member of the 5MV family.

For the anniversary, as in 5MNG's case, Kira and I put together a little celebratory package:

  • Five-Minute Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan by FatMatDuhRat;
  • Five-Minute "The Menagerie" by me (which IJD knew was in progress... in fact, I was supposed to get it done for Gene Roddenberry's birthday last year); and
  • Five-Minute Star Trek: The Motion Picture, also by me (which IJD didn't know was in progress, and which is my attempt to give him a hopefully-pleasant surprise).

In addition to the fivers, I've upgraded 5MST's front page to the format seen in the Next Gen and Voyager subsites. This reflects the impressive size of the ST section, which the 45.5-hours statistic doesn't fully convey -- mainly because the animated episodes are only half an hour each.

A few acknowledgments: Mat for his months of work on the fiver, IJD and Kira for helping him through the revisions, the folks at USS Munchkin for making the shooting script of ST:TMP available, the cast and crew of the original series for obvious reasons, and, of course, IJD GAF, a talented writer and a good friend. Happy first birthday to 5MST; here's hoping for many more.

(Note: The forums will be back up within the next two days. I'll post a comment thread for this update as soon as that happens.)


February 28

Kira here, with the long awaited new and improved 5MV Forums!

They're back, and better than ever. Zeke has painstakingly developed a new 5MV-themed skin, including graphics that, I must say, look really cool. Go here for a rundown of the who, what, where, when and why of the new forums. Okay, mostly just what and why, since the where is at 3sygma.com/fiveminute/forums, the when is now, and the who is, well, everyone. If you've never been to the old forums, now's as good a time as any to have a look around, so do check it out.

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