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MARCH 2005


March 1

Big news over at TrekUnited -- a massive $3 million pledge has come in. This will definitely get Paramount's attention. We'll have to see how they react...


March 2

Hooooo boy, here we go. Remember the fan outcry when the "Endgame" spoilers broke? Yeah... this sounds worse. I'm not believing these rumours just yet, but I didn't believe the C/7 rumours either....


March 3

My stupid Better Judgment insisted I work on my assignment today, so here's a link. Believe it or not, the entire archives of Calvin and Hobbes are available for free online! I'm not sure why they're at a site called stfunoob.com, but hey, the important thing is that they're there. If you're too young or too serious to have read this comic, take my word for it: it's a must. Bill Watterson is a true master and one of the earliest influences on my sense of humour.


March 4

The ENT update is almost done -- look for it this weekend. Speaking of this weekend, why not drop by the 5MV chat on IRC? We meet in #5mv on irc.xeroc.hopto.org, a chat server created and run by forumgoer Xeroc. There's no set time, so come by whenever.


March 9

I'm not even going to try to explain this last brief absence -- the reason's so weird I almost don't believe it myself. Regardless, I'm back and getting on schedule again. At IJD's emphatic suggestion, I won't hold anything else back for the ENT update; in other words, if I don't finish said update tomorrow, I'll pull something out of the backlog.

As for tonight, here's a link for Matrix fans. The first Matrix was a modern sci-fi classic, so we all had high expectations going into the rest of the trilogy, as I finally had the chance to do recently. Like many others, I was disappointed -- I felt that Reloaded tried too hard to be intellectual and Revolutions too hard to be awe-inspiring, and that neither managed to pull off either one as well as the original did both. But it turns out that both sequels are far deeper than I thought at first viewing. If you've seen the movies, you must read these analyses by Brian Takle -- the levels of religious and philosophical metaphor (drawn from Judaism/Christianity, Buddhism, and other sources) that he finds in Reloaded and Revolutions are unbelievable, and so consistent they can't be there by accident. Some of the parallels are well hidden, and some you'll kick yourself for not seeing on your own. Whatever you thought of the Matrix sequels, I can't recommend these essays enough -- you may not agree with Takle's conclusions, but I guarantee they'll give you a lot to think about.


March 11

As promised, here's something from the queue. And not a moment too soon -- we haven't published a DS9 fiver in forever and a stardate. Here's Five-Minute "Explorers" by Derek.



March 13

Hungry for good news about Enterprise? This isn't much, but it's something. We've known for a while that the sets weren't getting torn down just yet; now it looks like Paramount is preparing for the option of sending them somewhere else. If they're in talks with someone, they're keeping it pretty quiet... but they would. Here's hoping.


March 14

Happy Pi Day! (If I'd been on the ball I would have made this update at 1:59, but consider this an exercise... a Pi-lates exercise.) Those who remember how we celebrated Pi Day last year will recognize the modified front page; newer readers, make sure to take a look.

And now, a survey of great pi moments in 5MV history....

Wait, that's it? There have only been three? (Well, if you add a smidge for all the pie moments, there have been 3.1415...) This must be rectified! Have a slice of The Top 10 Pi Day Activities of Enterprise Characters.

Finally, to round off the festivities in style, here's a classic Peanuts pi joke. A kid named 5 has just moved into the neighbourhood -- his Dad changed the whole family's names to numbers as a protest against the growing dehumanization in society. (Their last name is 95742, with the accent on the 4.) Pondering this whole business, Linus and Charlie Brown have the following exchange....

Linus: If we all had numbers instead of names, what number do you think you'd like to have?
Charlie Brown: How about 3.1416?
Linus: I don't know... I have a feeling that every Tom, Dick and Harry would be called 3.1416!



March 17

Happy St. Pi's Day! No, wait... this is what happens when I do two holiday micro-events in a row. Anyway, welcome to our little ceilidh! The first thing you'll notice is that the front page is a little different (again, readers of at least twelve months' standing will recognize the modified banner). But it goes deeper than that. Poke around the site and see if you can find any link graphics that aren't lighting up green today. (My thanks to a certain mysterious colleen named Nan for helping me out with the images.)

And there's more! Tarn-Vedra, one of the newer members of the 5MV family, is an Irishman himself -- and after he decided whether or not he should be offended at my rather corny greening of the site, he wrote a Top 10 list to go along. Check out the Top 10 St. Patrick's Day Events on Voyager.

That's all for today (I did say micro-event), but I haven't used enough Irish clichés yet, so let me get a few more in. Begorrah! Shillelagh! Blarney! Top o' the mornin'! Four-leaf clovers! Leprechauns! Pots o' gold! Okay, I'm done.



March 18

HEY! "Bottom of the barrel"? Zing me, will you? Well, missy, two can zing this zong, and you'd better get ready for my zolo!

Besides, I'll have you know the bottom of the barrel is badly edited movie posters.


March 19

Just to clarify for anyone coming here from TripHammered, my newspost yesterday was meant purely in jest. (Taking me seriously is rarely a good idea.) I knew evay wasn't talking about me, I just couldn't resist.

Tomorrow is Sunday. Know what that means? Probably not, it's a near-forgotten custom at this site, but those who remember will know what I'm hinting at.


March 23

Sorry about this, but due to a number of unforeseen circumstances, there will be no further 5MV updates till Monday. I'll probably be incommunicado myself as well, but maybe not.

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