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Top 10 St. Patrick's Day Events on Voyager

  1. B'Elanna vomits green beer all over Fair Haven and makes Tom clean it up
  2. Seven of Nine wears a catsuit made entirely out of shamrocks
  3. Neelix tries to lead a Gaelic sing-along but the computer won't stop translating it
  4. Harry gets drunk and yells racial slurs at the warp core
  5. The Doctor malfunctions after several tipsy crewmembers mistake Sickbay for a bathroom
  6. Chakotay, not wishing to participate in the festivities, tries to connect with his roots, and ends up in the arboretum
  7. Naomi Wildman becomes acting captain when the bridge crew pass out in the conference room after a long night of "staff meeting"
  8. The Borg children wonder why the color green is such a big deal
  9. Voyager searches for the Think Tank so they can make obvious Drunk Tank jokes
And the number one St. Patrick's Day event on Voyager....
  1. After violating the Prime Directive a total of 16 times in one day, Janeway dances a jig
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This list was originally published on March 17, 2005.

DISCLAIMER: When Irish eyes are smiling... Sure'n I wonder where they got mouths....

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