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MARCH 2004


March 1

Heard what happened at the Oscars last night? If not, 5MV is here to help you catch up. Read Return of the King wins all awards, the first installment of a new TJI feature called This Just In Brief. (The layout is temporary -- I thought of TJIB just this afternoon.)



March 2

Today's link combines my interests in webcomics, geek humour, and Lego art. Go check out Irregular Webcomic, courtesy of Sa'ar Chasm.


March 3

I've updated the FAQ to cover linking to and from 5MV, since that recently came up in email. There'll be a fiver tomorrow -- er, I mean the day after today.


March 4

I'm basically in the midst of a disaster today, so the update will have to wait until tomorrow. Meanwhile, try this. I got 10 of them.


March 5

Well, it's sort of an update. Marc's Battlestar Galactica fiver has a disclaimer now, courtesy of Marc himself.


March 6

Arrrrrgh! I had a VG fiver already processed and ready to go up today, and suddenly I can't find my disk! And that disk had a lot of 5MV stuff on it, too... I can reconstruct most of what was lost (see also Farscape Season 4), but in this fiver's case that means processing it again. I'll have it tomorrow if I can.


March 7

You may have noticed I don't seem to have much energy on weekends. (Also, "Azati Prime" has completely blown the crap out of me.) Regardless, there are several fivers now just about ready to go, and the big event I've been alluding to is well underway, as are several other upcoming events... so stay tuned.


March 8

I found my disk! Woohoo! In other news, here's today's link: Casey and Andy is a hilarious comic about two more-or-less evil geniuses and their girlfriends, one of whom is a female Satan. (Like Cthulhu, Satan is required by law to appear at some point in every webcomic.) The concept isn't wildly original but the jokes most certainly are. Check it out.


March 9

Ever wondered how big this site is? (You certainly have if you're me and you have to keep track of every single one of the HTML files....) IJD took a census recently and found that, if you count each one-part fiver as five minutes and each two-parter or movie as ten, this site has 44 hours of content. That's 528 episodes, or roughly 5.5 megabytes of text.

The part that scares me is that I personally wrote close to half of that. And I'm behind.


March 10

Today's link: The Straight Dope, Cecil Adams' highly informative question-and-answer column. Ever wondered why Heinz ketchup says "57 varieties", or whether you can declare a no-flight zone over your house? He'll tell you -- he'll be rude about it, but he'll tell you. Highly addictive.


March 11

Today's link is to a really handy program called StrokeIt. If you've ever used Opera, you'll be familiar with mouse gestures -- the ability to give commands like Back and Reload by right-clicking while moving the mouse. StrokeIt implements that ability in all programs, not just Opera, and lets you define the commands yourself (globally or in one specific application). Try it out -- it can be a real timesaver.


March 12

Finally, a new fiver! Sa'ar Chasm makes his sixth contribution to 5MV with Deep Space Nine's "Sanctuary." This is a really good one, and he's been waiting four months for me to publish it, so lots of comments, hmm?



March 13

Today I'm going to try something Derek suggested. 5MV has a pretty long history now -- nearly four years, which is about twelve in Internet years. TrekToday, which is only a little older, has for some time run a feature in their Site Columns articles called Trek Two Years Ago. This is a summary of the biggest TrekToday news items from two years ago (natch). Doing something similar here would let us spotlight the best fivers of yesteryear -- narrowing things down a bit for newcomers who see our massive archives and wonder where to start.

So, about two years ago today (March 8, 2002), 5MV wrapped up the original Next Generation Week with Star Trek: Generations, the very first fiver by Derek Dean. (It's pure coincidence that this two-years-ago thing was Derek's idea, honest.) When I first got his submission, I was actually a little miffed because I liked ST:G and had even taken some fiver notes for it already. But Derek's fiver was just too good to pass up. The rest, of course, is site history: Derek went on to become our most prolific guest writer, and joined the staff as Five-Minute Deep Space Nine section head last year.

Also published that day: two TJI articles (#17 by me and #18 by Thinkey) and one of the ENT fivers I'm proudest of, Five-Minute "Fusion."

Should 5MV X Years Ago become a continuing feature? Let me know what you think in the comment thread below.



March 14

Happy Pi Day! (3/14 -- get it?)


March 15

Hope you all enjoyed yesterday's celebration of Pi Day. If you missed it, click here to see it.


March 16

My T-shirt arrived! Today I Am Ten Ninjas. So I guess it makes sense for today's link to be Diesel Sweeties, the webcomic which has been the source of many of these amusing T-shirts. (Other favourites: "Nothing Is Any Good If Other People Like It" and "Jesus Helps Me Trick People," the latter being funnier in context.) The comic is about music lovers, robots, and love in the age of pixelation. Unique, and often very funny.


March 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Please enjoy the festive banner on the front page and the limited-edition green colour code at left.

Something I've often done on this page is to talk in vague terms about upcoming site events.(See February 26 for an example.) I do this basically because the events excite me so much I can't resist dropping hints. But it's been brought to my attention recently that the hints I drop are pretty much useless -- so vague it's hard to tell when the events have happened. The time delay between teasing and publication is too long for that sort of thing.

I'm sorry if I've annoyed you guys this way. To make it up, here's something concrete about that event I was talking about on the 26th: it's a new minisite for Sci-Fivers. I've got a lot of our top guest writers working on it, in addition to several of the staff. As I predicted at the time, it's taking a little longer than I'd hoped, but the launch should happen before the end of the month. I'll give you an exact date when I have one. Also, there's big news about the server move -- I'll explain tomorrow or Friday.

Oh, and for today's link, here's an article about Nintendo's upcoming new handheld console. Sounds very cool.


March 18

What the heck -- I'll give you the news today. I found us our new server! It's one you've probably heard of: the Trek Nation.

As you know, 5MV already has ties to TN -- my Enterprise fivers are carried on both sites, and I make a small salary for them. Now it happens that TN also does hosting; Star Trek: Hypertext and The J-Team are both hosted there. So when Owen gave me notice that he would no longer be running 3Sygma, I decided I would approach Christian about the possibility of moving to Trek Nation. (This was the "best plan ever" I said I had.) And he turned out to be not only willing but enthusiastic.

So that's where we'll be going as soon as I can get our new domain name. And don't worry, we won't be adding the UGO advertisements seen at other TN sites. The next step will be to give you guys the new URL -- look for that post in the very near future.



March 19

Following on yesterday's important announcement, I've posted a poll regarding our new domain name. Please read it and vote or post comments -- you don't have to be registered.


March 21

Sorry about the missing update yesterday -- I had no Net access. But now I'm back with a fiver. Here's Next Gen's The Perfect Mate," by Marc. (Every time I type that, I type "prefect" instead of "perfect" and have to backspace. Blame Farscape's "A Prefect Murder.")



March 22

Two links today. First, Scooter has now archived the first ten pages or so of the Top 10 List thread in PDF format. You can read the lists here (and I recommend it -- there's been some very funny stuff in that thread). Second, you all know TripHammered, a site with which 5MV is developing a sort of incestuous mutual-linking relationship; evay recently posted a hysterical DVD commentary of "The Catwalk" with the regular characters as the commentators. Check it out.


March 23

This is an extremely busy week for me, so the updates may be fairly small. Like today's, for example. Go play Warthog Launch and see if you, like IJD, can beat me and get past level 29. (Flash required.)


March 24

Sorry, I'm still really busy and just kidding! There's a fiver today! The first Season 3 TOS fiver in who knows how long! Go read "The Mark of Gideon" by IJD.

Some quick stuff:

  • The forums just hit 100 members again. Woo!
  • I got the new domain name today. After the discussion in the poll thread, I decided to go with fiveminute.net, and the registrar I picked was GANDI. The new address isn't online yet, but I'll let you know as soon as it is.
  • And hey, I just noticed something. The four latest fivers listed on the front page are from the first four Trek series, in order. This may never happen again. Cool, no?



March 25

fiveminute.net is now listed on WHOIS. The DNS still isn't up yet, but it's a start.

I'm off to a gig on clarinet with CUJO, the Carleton University Jazz Orchestra (not to be confused with Cujo the hockey player or Cujo the giant-murderous-dog movie). Wish me luck!


March 26

The gig went good. I had three solos, each one squeakier than the last -- no, seriously, it went well. Among other things, we played something I brought in: the theme from Super Mario World. It sounded surprisingly good coming from a jazz band.

New fiver today, and from one of the last series you'd probably have guessed: Charmed. Forumgoer catalina marina makes her 5MV debut with "Baby's First Demon." She's been nagging me to publish this for some time, and it's worthy of the nagging. Enjoy.

Oh, and Taya17 has found photographic proof of water on Mars!



March 27

There's actually another new Sci-Fiver ready to go, but I'm going to leave it till tomorrow to give catalina's fiver room to breathe. See you then.


March 28

Here's the promised new fiver, one from Sa'ar Chasm that's been waiting a while: Babylon 5's "The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father."



March 29

The new domain name is up! www.fiveminute.net is now 5MV's permanent address. (Note: it doesn't work yet without the WWW, but will in a couple of days at most.)

The server will change shortly, but that address won't. So change your bookmarks and links now. After we move, we'll leave a notice up at the 3Sygma address, but the actual site will be at www.fiveminute.net. Switching now will save you the trouble later.



March 30

We got flamed! It's some flame, too. Sa'ar showed me this in the guestbook:

"I could say that I found your site extremely hilarious, but it would be a lie. I didn't even find it remotely entertaining. There's nothing funny about it. Why did you even bother? Did you think something like 'Vedek Yanni?' would be funny? It's not. It's stupid.

"But I will congratulate you on something. You've definitely demonstrated my argument that forced sterilization needs to become law. This site was bad, but I shudder to consider its next generation compiled by your children."

Ahhh... nothing like a good flame.

Come back tomorrow for a Sci-Fiver, and then Thursday for another one -- in a series we've never covered before.


March 31

Sorry, so caught up working on a huge assignment that I didn't have time to update today. Don't worry -- tomorrow will be worth it.

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