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December 2

In celebration of finishing my last two term papers last night, it's time to start clearing out the guest fiver backlog (and issue sincere apologies to the authors for the delay). Next Gen fivers for all!

  • First up, saxamaphone returns with his second fiver, Five-Minute "The Offspring"
  • For only the second time in 5MV history, a fiver by a duo of writers: Five-Minute "Qpid" by Silvia and Gwen
  • Last but not least, the prolific Derek Dean brings us Five-Minute "Firstborn"

There are plenty more guest fivers where those came from (i.e. rotting in my email account), and Zeke has an Enterprise fiver on the way, so stay tuned.


December 3

As promised, here's Zeke's latest Enterprise fiver, just not the one most of you were likely expecting: Five-Minute "Vanishing Point." Zeke's still going to catch up on all the others, but he wanted to get in on the VP action while it lasts.


December 7

Kira here. Two important things today. First, a pair of TAS fivers -- Five Minute "The Magicks of Megas-Tu" by Derek Dean and Five-Minute "The Ambergris Element" by Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg.

Secondly, for those of you who don't consider TAS real Star Trek, something to look forward to. In honour of the opening of Star Trek: Nemesis next Friday, we're having a countdown to the release. Expect plenty of new material plus a few extra surprises on the side. The festivities start tomorrow -- same bat-time, same bat-channel. Don't miss it.


December 8

Beginning our countdown to the release of Star Trek: Nemesis, a "movie" fiver... sort of: Five-Minute "First Contact" by IJD GAF. No, not the movie -- that's Star Trek: First Contact, and it's been fived already. (Geez, people.) The one here is the season 4 TNG episode of the same name, thanks to some whiz at Paramount. Enjoy, and more to come tomorrow.

December 8 Supplemental

Zeke here with my first new TJI in six months: "UPN to modify Haunted series title." (At least it's Sunday....)


December 9

Two items today. For starters, the first in a trio of Next Gen fivers from the ever-prolific and talented Derek Dean, Five-Minute "A Fistful of Datas." Secondly, Marc Richard chips in with a Top 10 list -- The Top 10 Warning Signs That a Starfleet Officer Might Go Berserk. Enjoy, and look for more to come tomorrow.


December 10

The countdown continues today with another fiver from Derek Dean, Five-Minute "Clues."


December 11

Two items for our continuing countdown today. Derek Dean's trilogy of NextGen fivers concludes with Five-Minute "Silicon Avatar," and there's also a new Top 10 list by me -- The Top 10 Scenes Cut From Star Trek: Nemesis. Minor spoiler warnings on the list (since I've been spoiled rotten), but if you're familiar with the basic premise of the movie, there's likely nothing here that you don't already know.


December 12

Another pair of items today, only one day away from the big release. Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg steps away from TAS to make her first venture into TNG with Five-Minute "Sub Rosa," and IJD GAF brings us The Top 10 False Rumors About Star Trek: Nemesis.


December 13

Our countdown ends the same way it began: with a "movie" fiver from IJD GAF. In honour of the release of Star Trek: Nemesis... Five-Minute "Nemesis." (Again with the geniuses at Paramount coming up with movie titles....)

The movie may be out and the countdown may be over, but we're not done. There's more to come.


December 14

Kira here to blow all your socks off. (Are we all sitting down? Good.) If I had told any of you that we would have Nemesis fived "soon" after it was released, none of you would have believed me. (Come on, admit it. You know who you are.)

However, the word "soon" does not have the same meaning to Marc Richard as it does for Zeke. I give you (drumroll, please?)... Five-Minute Star Trek: Nemesis. Before you all succumb to cardiac arrest, let's hear it for Marc, who worked on this fiver for about 8 hours nonstop after seeing the movie early this afternoon. Kudos to Marc, and I'm going to bed now. Enjoy.


December 15

One last bit of celebratory Nemesis material: a new and very weird TJI by Marc.


December 17

Kira here. No new material today, just a couple quick things. First, thanks to a nasty run of consecutive finals afflicting both Zeke and myself, there likely won't be anything new until the weekend at least. (Pray for our sanity... unless you think it's already a lost cause.)

Secondly, and more importantly, today is Zeke's birthday. I'm sure I speak for everyone at 5MV when I wish him a happy birthday, but don't be shy to drop by the forums and tell him yourself.


December 21

Several weeks ago, Zeke, Marc Richard, IJD GAF, and myself decided we wanted to do something to mark a very special occasion today: the wedding of 5MV guest writer Derek Dean and his fiancée Amanda Saxon (better known to forumgoers as blueberry). We decided to five one of the Trek wedding episodes, but rather than it being done by only one of the four of us, we decided to collaborate. So, with our best wishes to the happy couple, we're proud to present Five-Minute "You Are Cordially Invited..." by Zeke, Kira, Marc Richard, and IJD GAF.


December 23

Two new fivers today as we head into the holidays. Proving once again than endless harassment, whining, and nagging can get you what you want, Celeste finally gets Five-Minute "Macrocosm" from me. I'd resent her if I hadn't enjoyed writing the fiver. Secondly, IJD GAF gives us a fiver to get us all in the Christmas spirit. Okay, so Five-Minute "The Doomsday Machine" isn't really in the spirit of Christmas, but you know what I mean. Enjoy!

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