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JULY 2003


July 31

I don't really know what to say. I think this is the longest I've ever gone between updates, and that's saying something. What's worse, though, is that this time I don't even have the excuse of something like the Version 3.0 redesign -- what I've delayed with is the AU Week wrapup, which shouldn't be a big deal at all, and shouldn't have taken a fraction of this time.

I don't have it ready tonight, but it is in progress. By now there's no further point in being coy about the nature of the update: as some of you have probably already guessed, there's more to it than the third-anniversary comments I said were coming. I intend to be done by Sunday at the latest, and when I am, there will be new material and a fairly important announcement. (I'll also explain why I didn't say this material was coming.)

I'm truly sorry to everyone involved here, especially Kira, who organized this whole event perfectly only to see me blow the ending to hell. In a sad kind of way, it makes sense for this site's big anniversary celebration to involve massive delays on my part -- what could be truer to how I've run things these past three years? -- but this is the last such disgrace I intend to perpetrate. And I do know how I'm going to back that comment up.

See you in a few days. Once again, I'm sorry.


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