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APRIL 2003


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April 8

Kira here. Guest writer Derek Dean hits two big milestones today with Five-Minute "Dreadnought". Not only does it give him a fiver in all four major Trek series, it marks his 20th fiver for the site. We'll be hearing more from Derek soon, so stay tuned. (That's right, I said "soon." Live with it.)

Also today, Zeke's Top 10 List is now online at 5MV, as is a copy of the "Minefield" fiver that you can read without a mirror.



April 9

Kira here. Zeke's latest Enterprise fiver, "The Crossing," is now online with the usual accompanying hilarity.



April 14

Two pairs of fivers today. In Deep Space Nine, two new guest writers make their debuts: Captain Carnotaur with Five-Minute "Whispers" and antodav with Five-Minute "The Visitor." In Next Gen, a pair of veterans: Marc Richard's Five-Minute "Who Watches the Watchers?" and Derek Dean's Five-Minute "Brothers." Also, there are now german translations of Five-Minute First Contact and a couple of Enterprise fivers online, although the Enterprise translations aren't so much "online" as "sitting on Zeke's hard drive." (They'll be uploaded before long.) And no, these aren't the kind of hilarious translations you can get on AltaVista or Google. Or so I assume -- not like I can read German.



April 22

Zeke here. Hope you all had a happy Easter; if you missed the special version of the site's banner Ki and I made, you can see it here.

Three of my five exams are now over and I have some major updates on the go. In the meantime, here are a few smaller things:

  • There was an error in last Monday's update. The wrong alias was listed for the author of the "Whispers" fiver; the correct alias is Captain Carnotaur. 5MV apologizes for the mistake.
  • Laura Goodwin, a familiar face at alt.tv.star-trek.enterprise and other Usenet groups, recently interviewed me.
  • My final VVS9 episode, "Whirligig" (formerly "Once More Into the Breach"), is now online in the Features section.
That's all for now, but stay tuned: I'm nearly done the "Horizon" fiver, and I don't intend to be late with it.



April 24

Kira here. In near record time, here's Zeke's fiver for the latest (and I do mean latest) Enterprise episode: Five-Minute "The Breach."


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