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September 5

Zeke here. A year ago today, I unveiled what would become 5MV's first subsite: Five-Minute Next Generation, under the leadership of Marc Richard. It was the first time I gave any control of this site to another writer. It was an experiment, and one I'm proud to say has been an overwhelming success.

In the year since its inception, 5MNG has grown from ten fivers to forty-two, representing (believe it or not) exactly 47 hours of canon Next Gen. It's easily the most prosperous subsite currently running; every week there's at least one NG fiver in development. Talented parodists like Derek Dean have gotten their start there. A major event, Next Generation Week, focused on 5MNG. And Marc has continued to capably lead the subsite and provide a steady stream of new content.

Suffice it to say I'm very proud of Five-Minute Next Generation -- and to show that, I've organized a little celebration for the first anniversary, not all of which I told Marc about.

  • First off is my first NG fiver since the pilot: Five-Minute "The Best of Both Worlds, Part I." Part II is already in progress.
  • Marc has two new fivers for us: "Heart of Glory" and "The Neutral Zone."
  • Rounding out the celebratory group are two guest fivers from folks who got their start in Marc's subsite: "Coming of Age" by Derek Dean and "Second Chances" by Scott Zarchy.
  • As a special bonus, there are some new 5MNG graphics featuring the Enterprise-E. We'll leave them up for a couple of days, and then Marc can decide whether or not to keep them.

Thanks go out to the following people: SaRa of VVS9, for doing up the new graphics on short notice; Tim Lynch, for writing a good long synopsis of BoBW1 way back when; all the guest writers, of course; Kira, for helping organize, doing most of the pages, and keeping me sane in all this; Marc, for being my oldest steady contributor and first section head, not to mention a good friend; and, most important, the cast and crew of Star Trek: the Next Generation, for making all this possible. Happy first birthday to Five-Minute Next Generation (and happy fifteenth to the show!)

PS: Keep an eye on the site -- there may be more updates later today.

September 5 Supplemental

Kira here, keeping Zeke's word. First up, Zeke finished part II of his The Best of Both Worlds fiver. Also, a fiver I didn't have time to process last night: IJD GAF's most recent contribution to 5MNG, Five-Minute "Lower Decks."

September 5 Supplemental Supplemental

Kira again. I hope you're all sitting down...for the third update in one day. (Well, it's still Thursday where I live, so there.) As a final celebratory offering, Zeke presents The Top 10 Things You Don't Want To Hear Captain Picard Say.


September 8

Kira here. A new fiver in the videogames section from SimonBob today, Five-Minute StarTropics. Secondly, a pair of fivers from the prolific and talented Derek Dean: Five-Minute "Who Mourns for Adonais?," and Derek's first venture into DS9, Five-Minute "Babel." With these fivers, Derek brings his total up to 9, securing him the title of most prolific guest writer. (Previously held by the long-absent J.D. Curran with 5.) Congrats, Derek!

And last but not least... I hate to give the forumgoers the impression that nagging gets results, but here's a new This Just In article, by me: Canadian government outlaws parodies.


September 12

Kira here, with a load of new material.

As I'm sure most of you are painfully aware, school has started once again. With both Zeke and myself in university, 5MV will unfortunately have to take a back seat to school work. However, fear not -- I'm a notorious procrastinator, and we all know Zeke's repuation. (Heck, I did my first update for the site the day before my final in microbial pathogenesis. If that doesn't speak to my procrastination, I don't know what does.) But you're all wondering about the site.... I'd like to be able to say that I'll be able to keep up a rate of at least one update a week. Then again, I'd also like to be able to say that I didn't have four term papers this year. However, there won't be huge gaps of silence around here -- if both Zeke and I are too busy to update, we'll just say so.

So let's recap. School work bad. Updates good. Silence bad. Updates good. Did I mention that updates are good?


September 16

Kira here. The latest VVS9 episode, "Gifts," co-written by FatMatDuhRat and Zeke, is now available at 5MV in the Features section. Even if you don't follow VVS9, this is well worth a read. Some real tear-jerker stuff here. Also a must-read for any Kes fan.

On a personal "shameless plug" note, the next VVS9 episode, a two-parter, is mine. (Part two will be co-written with Zeke.)

There will be some more updates later in the week, including something Zeke's got up his sleeve.


September 18

Kira here, with Zeke's latest Andromeda fiver, "Pitiless as the Sun." Not being a Drom fan, I'm not sure if it's funny, but Zeke assures me that the replies at SlipstreamWeb have averaged 3.5 exclamation marks.


September 20

Zeke here with what's got to be the most unexpected 5MV update ever. Without my even having to ask, Laurent Denis, head of the French translation group for VS9, translated my fiver of "Defenders of the Realm." Behold, in all its glory, "Défenseurs du Royaume" en cinq minutes.

In other news, Sylvia929 wrote to tell me Five-Minute Voyager won site of the week at her page. Thanks, Sylvia!


September 22

Kira here (after one heck of a long crazy week, doubtless the first of many) with a pair of fivers: a TNG classic with Five-Minute "Skin of Evil" by me, and another TOS fiver from Derek Dean, Five-Minute "Charlie X."


September 25

Kira here. Looks like I was right when I said last week would be the first crazy week of many (and I speak for Zeke in that too). There's some guest fivers and other new material coming, hopefully by the end of the week when things calm down.


September 28

Kira here. Pair of guest fivers for all you poor deprived fiver lovers: TOS' "Is There In Truth No Beauty?" by Derek Dean, and TNG's "The Royale" by Andy Taylor.

There's more new material coming, but seeing as how midterms start next week I'm not going to make promises I can't keep. But it's coming, I swear -- maybe as early as tomorrow, maybe as late as next weekend. (Cross your fingers and stay tuned.)

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