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JULY 2005


July 1

Welcome to Day 17. Lots of stuff today....

Be here tomorrow for Day 18, when we can legally purchase tobacco... but will we?



July 2

Welcome to Day 18, or, looked at from a certain perspective, 81 Yad. What?

Be here tomorrow for Day 19, when all hell breaks loose! No wait, it did that today. So be here tomorrow when we put it back in. What?

(By the way, the reason I didn't put up the Canada Day banner yesterday is that it still has the old site name and we haven't made a new one yet. Happy Canada Day anyway.)



July 3

Welcome to Day 19, where I'm really, really tied up and can only publish one fiver. Fun!

  • Here's Derek with Smallville's penultimate episode this season, "Forever." Despite the lack of To Be Continued, he tells me this is in some sense a cliffhanger. It's probably a pun.

Be here tomorrow, when we'll give you Day 20 or give you death!



July 4

Welcome to Day 20, for which I wish we'd thought to have someone do Independence Day.

  • First, Derek brings us the season finale of Smallville, a genuine cliffhanger: "Commencement."
  • Second, here's a fiver from me that's been waiting even longer than "Descent." In fact, it was Kira's birthday present... in 2003. Like "Descent," it's been held back because it fit the theme of this event, being the first part of a two-parter -- namely, VS9's "The Rising Storm I." (Why was this a birthday present for Kira? Because she wrote the original episode, which was one of VS9's high points, IMO.)

Be here tomorrow for Day 21, and then catch 22!

(Kidding aside, happy 4th to all our American readers.)



July 5

Welcome to Day 21, a.k.a. the straw that broke the camel's back. Sorry, folks, but it's finally happened: I've used up all the Kira-prepared or otherwise relatively simple CW material. The remaining updates require time, and between the math camp I'm running and Greek class, I just didn't have that time today. However, I do have some nice thematic filler: preview scenes!

Garibaldi: Petrov! What happened to you?
Petrov: They're... they're gonna kill...
(long pause)
Garibaldi: Well?
Petrov: I can't get the name out before I die, it's just not done. Ah, here we go. GAK!

Crichton: Listen buddy, we need to talk.
Molnon: Nope, you have to eat this mushroom first.
Crichton: Sure, why not? (CRUNCH!) Now as I was saaaayyyinnng... (FWUMP!)
Molnon: You lightweight! It was just a portobello.

Zero: Did you... stop... Vile?
X: I blasted him senseless, set him on fire, and threw him into the maw of a Sarlacc. He ain't comin' back.
Zero: Good. X... I'm not going to make it....
X: Don't be ridiculous, buddy! This is just a scratch!
Zero: I'm in three separate parts.
X: And each one is barely scuffed!

See, now you're in suspense for the rest of these fivers. It's like a cliffhanger. It fits the theme. Shut up. And be here tomorrow for Day 22: Revenge of the Bactrian Vertebrae!

(By the way, two of these are from fivers by me and one is from a FatMatDuhRat fiver. I can think of at least one forumgoer who will recognize each of the scenes... but will anyone recognize all three? More suspense!)



July 6

Welcome to Week Four of Cliffhanger Week! Anybody keeping track of how many sharks we've jumped so far?

  • Today we have a new Doctor Who fiver from Scooter: "Bad Wolf." (Clearly this one's big.) This is the first part of this year's season-ending two-parter.

Be here tomorrow for Day 23, the real Slim Sha-day!



July 7

Welcome to Day 23: The Search For a Joke About That Number.

  • Scooter concludes the season-ending two-parter -- and the Doctor's sadly abbreviated ninth regeneration -- with "The Parting of the Ways." I read a review complaining about that title. Personally, I think it's an awesome title, but what do I know?

Be here tomorrow for Day 4! (See, that's a factorial sign....)



July 8

Welcome to Day 24, true believers! Today we have the first of a whole new breed of fiver I've been meaning to try for some time. Get ready to hang loose, because here comes 5M's first scintillating, action-packed... comic book fiver!

  • The issue in question? One of the biggest comics cliffhangers of the past year: Avengers #500, Part 1 of Marvel's controversial Avengers Disassembled storyline. This fiver comes out to all you Marvelites from the Bullpen's own "Zingin'" Zeke.

Don't miss the thrills and chills of Day 25! Excelsior!



July 9

The forums seem to be down today. I have no idea why, but I'm going to take it as a sign that it's okay for me to take a one-day break with Cliffhanger Week, as I really need one. Day 25 will therefore be tomorrow instead; see you then.


July 10

Welcome to Day 25! The forums are back and so are we, with perhaps the weirdest Cliffhanger Week update of all:

Be here tomorrow for Day 26, which will be brought to you by the letter Z. And the number, uh, 26.



July 11

Welcome to Day 26, or Day Z if you're alphabetically inclined. And speaking of letters of the alphabet, here's one of those three previewed fivers....

  • Mega Man X, by (no surprise here) me. Having fived almost all the classic-series Mega Man games, I've now taken my first shot at the X series. (I'm skipping Mega Man 8 for now since I haven't beaten it yet.) There's an in-joke or two for those who remember my fiver of the original Mega Man.

Now then... it's time I finally revealed the length of Cliffhanger Week. I do this not because I'm tired of the suspense but because you probably think I'm just nuts by now. Thus, here is the story. The last day of Cliffhanger Week will be....

....July 14.

Why? Partly because I'm not nuts quite yet and don't want to drag this thing out longer than I can manage. But mostly because we've got something else scheduled for the 15th. So over the next three days, the remaining threads of CW will be tied up, and the 14th will be the finale. I have about 50 cliffhangers I wish could be in this event, but I'll restrict myself to the essentials and whatever else I can squeeze into three days.

So don't miss Day 27 tomorrow! Be there or be cube!



July 12

Welcome to Day &. (Did you know the ampersand was once commonly considered the 27th letter of the alphabet?) Today I had to let a guy stab me in the gums with a needle a bunch of times, but I did get a Top 10 list done....

Be here tomorrow for Day 28!

(Thought for the day: on the way home, I saw the license plate NCC1701B. Excelsior-class-variant fan or driver named Harriman?)



July 13

Welcome to Day 28. First, we have a slight change of plans: the event for the 15th is being pushed back a bit. As a result, I'm giving Cliffhanger Week another day to bring us to an even 30. Second, here's today's update:

  • Five-Minute "Chrysalis," Part 1, from Babylon 5, by me. What's that you say? "Chrysalis" wasn't a two-parter? It is now! There happens to be a nice convenient cliffhangery break-point in the middle. (Of course, the episode as a whole is also a cliffhanger, but I wanted to pull this fiver-splitting thing at some point, so "Chrysalis" is elected.)

Be here tomorrow for Day 29, even though this year isn't a multiple of 4!



July 14

Welcome to Day 29, with the following items:

Be here tomorrow for Day 30, the very last day of CW....

....or so I say. But when you're hanging from a cliff, how much can you trust the guy holding the rope?



July 15

Welcome to Day 30, in which we finally conclude our long string of DS9 cliffhangers with....

  • Five-Minute "The Sacrifice of Angels," by me... Part 1. Ha! This one doesn't have a logical breakpoint, but I split it anyway.

Be here tomorrow for Day 31, the other very last day of CW!



July 16

Welcome to Day 31, the other last day of Cliffhanger Week. We have two items today, one big and one HUGE.

  • First up is the conclusion of Five-Minute "The Sacrifice of Angels," by me. This, at last, wraps up our series of DS9 cliffhangers. Originally I said we'd have one a day, but I didn't realize how long CW was going to be -- nonetheless, we had a hang of a lot of them.
  • And now the big surprise. Unbeknownst even to me, Kira decided to make another comic fiver, this time for one of 5MV's most popular and oft-referenced fivers to date: my "The Best of Both Worlds." Kira has done a masterful job bringing it to life, and I'm deeply flattered. The Part I pages are now up; Part II will be provided tomorrow.

Oh, did I say tomorrow? I guess that means today isn't the real last day of CW either, eh? Be here tomorrow for Day 32!



July 17

I've decided Day 32 will be tomorrow, not today. There are two reasons for this: one, our hitcounts tend to be lower on weekends, and two, 32 really IS the last day of Cliffhanger Week and I can use another day to make it as good as possible. See you then.


July 18

On further reflection, I've decided it's not unreasonable to give myself just a couple more days with the CW conclusion, as I really need the extra time. Day 32 will be on Wednesday. However, to allay any concerns in advance, here's the deal: if I'm not done by Wednesday, I'll publish whatever I've got, and that'll be it. One way or the other, Cliffhanger Week ends on the 20th, and we all go back to our lives.

Incidentally, for those who are wondering what's in store after this event, we have several subsite events in the works, and at least one should take place before August. I'm also going to start on Enterprise's fourth season and some other stuff that's fallen by the wayside in all the CW fuss -- including the long-awaited return of the eTrektion.


July 20

Sorry, I've had less time than I thought -- I've made good progress but not enough to end the event. I'm currently aiming for Friday.

Meanwhile, there was some sad news today for us Trekkies: James Doohan has died at 85. May he rest in peace.


July 21

Work proceeds apace, though tonight I had to focus on preparations for the last day of math camp this year. While you're waiting, how about a preview from Cliffhangers 7?

(Zeke suddenly pauses. Slowly, he turns his head to look at the other four Cliffhangers.)
Derek: Uh oh.
Zeke: No one... except you guys.
IJD: C'mon. You don't want to do that. We're your friends.
Zeke: (getting up) A man with his neck in the guillotine has no friends.
Marc: Now calm down, Zeke. Let's be ratioFIRE IN THE HOLE!
(Marc suddenly dives, whips out two guns, and pumps twelve bullets into the television set.)
IJD: You still have those?


July 23

Still not quite ready to post the CW conclusion, but it's looking good for Monday. Meanwhile, over at the webcomics blog Websnark, Eric Burns has made two posts about James Doohan's death which are worth reading. The second one in particular will tell you something about his life you probably didn't know (I didn't).


July 26

Dude. That was STUPID. I just realized what I did wrong here: I let myself out of the "publish whatever you have" thing when unavoidable stuff came up, but then didn't reinvoke it afterwards. Consider it reinvoked now: it's Wednesday or the highway.

Incidentally, Wednesday is July 27. The square of 2 is 4. Discuss. (Sorry, easing out of math camp mode....)

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