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October 2

Hey all -- and welcome, at long last, to an event I've been promising since February! 5MV's first new subsite since Five-Minute Farscape is now here. Without further ado: Five-Minute Angel.

I originally conceived this event as both a protest against the series' cancellation (as in 5MF's case) and a celebration of its five brilliant years on the air. Half a year later, we still don't know whether Angel will ever be returning in some form; the news so far hasn't been good. But that's how it looked for Farscape, too. Meanwhile, until any good news does arrive, we've got plenty of episodes to keep us busy here at 5MV.

We're kicking off the subsite with a three-day event, featuring a total of sixteen fivers by 12 different guest writers. We're doing Season 1 today, Seasons 2 to 4 tomorrow, and Season 5 on Monday. Here are today's entries:

  • Five-Minute "City Of....", the traditional pilot fiver by me.
  • Five-Minute "The Bachelor Party," by Jade. You'll be hearing from her again later.
  • Five-Minute "I Will Remember You," by Dachelle. If you follow the daily newsposts, you might remember Dachelle as the author of Angel. Can't. Read!, a S5 Angel parody. I loved that piece so much I invited her to participate in this event; to my delight, not only did she accept, but it turned out she was already a 5MV fan. Here's her contribution.
  • Five-Minute "Parting Gifts," by Derek Dean. You'll be seeing more from him too.
  • Five-Minute "War Zone," by Nic Corelli. He's done a number of fivers, but this is his first for Angel.
That's only five out of sixteen fivers, so make sure to come back tomorrow and Monday for the rest of this event. After that it's a four-day buildup to the Season 4 premiere of Enterprise, so don't touch that dial! (Note: I'm sorry about vanishing; it's been a very complicated week. But this week's events will be worth the wait.)



October 3

Welcome to Day 2 of the Five-Minute Angel relaunch, featuring fivers from Seasons 2 to 4. Here's today's lineup:

  • Five-Minute "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been," Jade's second Angel fiver in this event and third overall.
  • Five-Minute "The Trial," by Derek Dean. You still haven't seen the last of Derek in this event!
  • Five-Minute "The Thin Dead Line," by Scott Zarchy, whom relative oldtimers will recall as the author of two Next Gen fivers.
  • Five-Minute "Disharmony," by Andy Taylor, best known for fiving DS9's Final Chapter.
  • Five-Minute "Double or Nothing," by Scooter, in his first 5MV appearance outside Doctor Who.
  • Five-Minute "Spin the Bottle," the sophomore fiver of forumgoer catalina marina (her first effort was in Charmed).
Eleven down, five to go -- come back tomorrow for the remaining fivers and a few extras. By the way, 5MV just topped 400 000 hits!



October 7

Hello and welcome to Day... um... 3 of the Five-Minute Angel relaunch, featuring fivers from Season 5. (I know, it's been longer. Technical difficulties -- sorry about that.) Here are the final fivers of our Five-Minute Angel relaunch:

  • Five-Minute "The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco," by Derek. You now have seen the last of him in this event, after a trio of great fivers.
  • Five-Minute "Harm's Way," by someone we don't see often enough at 5MV proper: Nan, head of Five-Minute Stargate. This is her first solo fiver here since B5's "Z'ha'dum" -- over three years ago. I think you'll agree it's something to encourage.
  • Five-Minute "Smile Time," by BR48. This is his second fiver -- I do hope you all remember his first. And finally....
  • Five-Minute "A Hole in the World" and Five-Minute "Shells," a great double header from Kira.
And that's not all! As a final bonus, here's a Top 10 list (by me): The Top 10 Bad Website Ideas for Angel Characters.

Thank you all for joining us for this event -- we've had great hitcounts throughout. Don't go away! Season 4 of Enterprise premieres tomorrow, and big things are about to happen at 5ME....



October 8

Sorry, I've been way too busy to update today. Have a link to the South Park Scriptorium, a site with lots of interesting SP stuff.


October 9

Again, I was travelling for most of the day, so I don't have a content update tonight. I should have something more interesting to post tomorrow; Monday I'll be travelling back, and then on Tuesday if at all possible I'll get those ENT updates going.


October 12

Hey, I'm back. Yet again, I had to miss a couple of updates, but that's definitely the last time it'll be happening for a while. [Note: Yes, this comment is pathetically ironic in hindsight. - Z] Stay tuned for the ENT stuff I've been talking about.


October 27

Okay, this time I really am back. I'm sorry I've let the daily-updates thing slip this month. It's the result of my usual procrastination coupled with certain other factors (it's midterm season, for example, and I've had a vojillion of them to mark this week). So after the real news of today's update, I'll be giving a roundup of some of the items I would have posted on this page over the last couple of weeks.

The real news: Fiver By Committee is back! After five months of downtime, our popular forum-based project is now active again, with three new blocks for readers to work on. Since it's been so long since FBC has been mentioned on this page, I'll give a summary of what it's about: Fiver By Committee is your chance to contribute to a new fiver without writing the whole thing yourself. I post a synopsis of a scene in the FBC forum, and anyone who wants to can suggest a fiver version of that scene. After all the suggestions are out there, readers vote on which one is used in the final fiver. (I don't contribute myself, and I usually don't vote either, but the other staffers often take part.) We're currently about three quarters of the way through The Matrix. If you've ever wanted to try writing a fiver, give FBC a shot -- if nothing else, it's good practice.

And now the roundup:

  • I'm sure a lot of you are wondering what's up with Five-Minute Enterprise. I have a small S4 problem which is addressed in this thread, so until I get that resolved, my S4 fivers will have to wait. However, I intend to finish S3 pretty much right away. I've known for months how I'm going to do these episodes -- and I guarantee it won't be what you expect. Stay tuned for "Azati Prime."
  • One of the greatest online comics I've ever had the pleasure of reading just ended. After seven years of brilliant writing and art, It's Walky! is now over. The author isn't done with webcomics, but I'll truly miss this one. Read the archives to find out why -- I guarantee it'll be time well spent.
  • I've been avoiding TripHammered lately for fear of spoilers, but you shouldn't.
  • Anyone else wish ENT's cast and crew, and reviewers, and commentators, and passers-by, would quit making such a point of saying that Season 4 will likely be the last? We know that, guys -- so why keep dwelling on it and making it even more likely to happen? UPN won't even wonder whether to renew the show if everyone keeps talking like it's over already. Yeesh.
  • If you have a Game Boy Advance, go buy Mega Man Zero 3. It's even better than the first two, which is saying something.
  • If you click on only one of my links this year -- this millennium -- make it Bonus Stage. It's a series of Flash cartoons, and without question the funniest I've ever seen. Funnier than Homestar Runner. Funnier than Stick Death. Funnier, God help us, than Bananaphone. But don't take my word for it -- or LeVar Burton's. Find out for yourself.
I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but if so, I'll post it tomorrow. Because there'll be an update tomorrow! In which I post things! What a concept! (I could use a little fuel myself, and we could all use a little chaaaaaaaaaange....)



October 28

Ahh, I've thought of one of the things I forgot yesterday. 5MV doesn't cover the Trek novels (or any other novels) yet, but forumgoer NAHTMMM has written fivers for a few of them anyway, and I've been letting him post them at the forums. His latest, Five-Minute Gulliver's Fugitives, is now available in the Miscellaneous forum. (Another notable unofficial fiver is Nic Corelli's Five-Minute History of Rome.)


October 29

November 2 (that's Tuesday for those playing the home game) is important for two reasons: the leader of the free world for the next four years will be chosen, and the Season 2 DVD set of Classic Trek will be released. Coincidence? Yes, and it's also a coincidence that both events will be noted here at 5MV. Our Election 2004 mini-event will appear on the 1st, and IJD has plans for the 2nd. Don't miss 'em.


October 30

Stay tuned for a 5MST update tomorrow. Meanwhile, I dunno, go read MegaTokyo or rob a bank or something.


October 31

Happy Hallowe'en! Yes, I know, latest Hallowe'en update ever. However, it's still Hallowe'en for those of us on SST. (Soon Standard Time. Thank you, Xeroc.)

Like last year, 5MV is celebrating this occasion with appropriate fivers. This year I thought it would be cool to do Trek's archetypal Hallowe'en episode -- "Catspaw." Derek Dean, with his usual disturbing speed, was able to five it on only a couple of days' notice. So with props to Derek, here's Five-Minute "Catspaw".

The second half of our spooky double feature is another creepy Classic Trek episode, this time parodied by the creepy-in-his-own-right Nic Corelli. Enjoy Five-Minute "Whom Gods Destroy"... OR ELSE.

And that's it for October. Come back tomorrow for 5MV's election coverage, and then Tuesday for still more Original Series material.

(Props to Nan for helping out with the -- have you clicked it yet? I'd better not say, then.)


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