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February 18

Not dead, just very busy. This is a really big term for me (I'm near the end of my Master's program), so I'm even less able to promise updates than usual. But really, it's not lack of time so much as lack of sitting down and doing it. The inspiration's still there -- I think my last few updates were pretty solid. I just need to get into the right state of mind.

Won't happen for a few days, though. I'm heading back to Ottawa for a brief spring-break visit. Should be nice, although the timing's not great, since I want to do something for the OC finale on Thursday. And above all, I'm acutely aware that the TOS finale is a year late now.

Zeke's Better Judgment: More like obtusely aware.

Shut up, you. Anyway, when I get back I'll try to at least publish some of the many guest fivers that have been awaiting my attention (starting with Gatac's, which should be fun for everybody). And I did take care of some long-overdue spring cleaning, filewise.

Zeke's Better Judgment: More like failwise.

Huh? That wasn't funny at all. You're slipping.

Zeke's Better Judgment: I'll be the judgment of that.


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