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JUNE 2002


June 1

Okay, lots of new content today to get everybody through the weekend:

  • Just in time for the NHL playoffs, IJD GAF has come through with a hat-trick in The Animated Series: Five-Minute "The Survivor," Five-Minute "The Infinite Vulcan" and Five-Minute "Slaver Weapon."
  • FatMatDuhRat makes his first venture into 5MNG with Five-Minute "Devil's Due."
  • Last, but of course not least, my "The Most Toys" rounds out the bunch.

June 2

Zeke here. Kira and IJD GAF both had birthdays recently -- and I decided something should be done about that before it gets to be a habit. Hence TJI #22. Happy birthday, guys!

I'm working on Five-Minute "Shockwave" now; after that, I'll catch up on some Andromeda. I'll keep you folks posted.


June 4

Despite allegations of corruption, fiver publication continues. 5MNG head Marc Richard makes his first of what will undoubtedly be many ventures into TOS with Five-Minute "The Ultimate Computer." Also today, another new Voyager fiver by me, Five-Minute "Innocence."


June 6

In the continuing journey towards the bottom of the pile of backlogged fivers, here's a TNG double-header from my personal collection. First, a good round of (literal) Wesley-bashing with Five-Minute "The First Duty," followed by Five-Minute "Schisms."


June 9

Despite complaints about the three-day drought (you know who you are CELESTE AND ANDY TAYLOR), there was a good reason for the wait: a new This Just In. IJD GAF takes his turn with 5MV slated for DVD release.

Also today, based on a suggestion from Draknek, Zeke has come up with a new Top Ten list: The Top 10 Organizations Gunning For Zeke. Draknek is also responsible for another piece of new material today in the videogames section: Five-Minute Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

Finally, a pair of Classic Trek fivers. IJD GAF makes fun of oreo-like aliens in Five-Minute "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield," while Marc Richard takes a stab at the Animated Series with Five-Minute "Beyond the Farthest Star." (The episode description for which is one of the best, or should I say worst, puns to come from Marc since his "Time Squared.")

Things to look forward to next week: new material in Voyager, TNG, and TOS...and hopefully some special surprises (maybe even "Shockwave")...but, as those depend on Zeke I'll go no further. (No pressure, Zeke.)


June 11

A pair of guest writers make returns today. FatMatDuhRat, fresh off Five-Minute "Devil's Due," is back and trying his hand at TOS with Five-Minute "The Immunity Syndrome." Derek Dean, the author of Five-Minute Star Trek: Generations, is back in TNG with Five-Minute "Elementary, Dear Data."

Also today...remember the promised "special surprises"? Well, here's one of them -- Five-Minute Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, by PointyHairedJedi.

June 11 Supplemental

I've got good news and bad news.

The bad news is, our 3sygma.com server will be going down for about four days starting Thursday. This means the updates that were planned for the rest of the week will have to wait.

The good news? When we come back next week, it will be with a bang. Five-Minute Voyager's 2nd birthday is just around the corner -- this Saturday, in fact. Due to the server downtime the celebrations will be slightly delayed -- but rest assured, there will be celebrations. Think along the lines of "unprecedented fiver publication." Stay tuned!

Feel free to express your eager speculation of what's to come in the forums.


June 19


Okay... so that wasn't the "bang" I promised... but two things are important here. One, it's not Zeke's fault -- the server maintenance took longer than expected. Two, the "bang" is still coming. Monday. I promise. This one is not to miss.

We now return to wild speculation in the forums, already in progress.


June 20

In continuing with our "fzzt" and "bang" metaphors, here's a "pop" for you all. I decided to take pity on everyone having to go ten days without new material, so here's a pair of fivers that have been sitting on my computer begging to see the light of day since December. I present Five-Minute "Phage" and Five-Minute "Faces" for your reading pleasure. Hope you enjoy them -- I'm very proud of this pair.

And yes, the celebrations are still on for Monday.


June 23

Zeke here. I've decided to start the celebrations early; most fivers could have waited, but this one was just too brilliant to pass up. Feast your eyes on the intense, satirical, laugh-a-minute 5MVG extravaganza that is Five-Minute Doom!


June 24

Day 1 of Time Travel Week

That's right -- the long-awaited celebrations are here! Let the drool-fest begin! Today's celebrations start off with:


June 25

Day 2 of Time Travel Week

The festivities continue today with:


June 26

Day 15 of Time Travel Week

Hmm...something seems a little off here....

Oh, well. On to today's new material:


June 27

Day -4 of Time Travel Week

Okay, now I'm sure something's wrong around here....

Well, once I get my hands on a tricorder I'll figure it out. Here's today's new material:


June 28

Day π of Time Travel Week

Today's contributions:


June 29

Day ∞ of Time Travel Week

Today's material:

Stay tuned for the grand, grand finale tomorrow!


June 30

Day 1 of Time Travel Week

That's right -- the long-awaited...celebrations...are here.

Wait a minute....

Oh no! Something must have reset the timeline! Fortunately, today's material must have been outside the normal space-time continuum and the grand finale is still on.

Now that the final part of "Paneldemonium" is posted, let me recap the rules for the "guess the author" contest going on. There are only four possible authors: Zeke, Marc Richard, IJD GAF, and myself (Kira). We each wrote at least one part, and nobody wrote more than two. Entries have to be by email, to me, at kira4747@yahoo.com, and you have until Tuesday at midnight eastern to get your entries in. First and second prizes will be awarded to the first two people to guess the most parts correctly. Just to recap, first prize is twisting Zeke's arm into doing a fiver of your choice (assuming it's not called by another author). Second prize is an invitation to a real-time chat between the four of us. Winners will be announced in an update next Thursday.

More update notes:

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