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Paneldemonium, Part 2

by Kira

An incursion of Time Travel Week

IJD: So, do you guys like cedar too?

Kira: That was really weird. What happened, Zeke?

Zeke: Well, I think --

Marc: What are you asking him for? Doesn't my opinion matter?

Kira: Zeke's the expert.

Marc: On temporal anomalies?

Kira: On slowness.

IJD: Hey! I'm not slow. I was just interested in panels. Cedar panels.

Marc: Heh heh heh.

Zeke: Thanks...I think. I bet we're dealing with some kind of temporal inversion.

Kira: If only we had a tricorder we could be sure.

Marc: Here.

IJD: You call that a tricorder?

Kira: Put the spoon away, Marc.

Marc: Humph.

Zeke: We don't need a tricorder. We're all fluent in technobabble.

Kira: You mean just make up an explanation?

IJD: Why not? That's what they do on Voyager.

Marc: I blame chronotons.

Kira: You would.

Marc: What's that supposed to mean?

Kira: I don't know. I just thought it was a snappy comeback.

Zeke: We're not focusing on the problem here: Pie. No, wait a minute....

Kira: The temporal anomaly.

Zeke: Right.

Marc: What are we going to do?

Kira: Try looking for something labelled "RESET BUTTON."

IJD: That's just a figure of speech.

Zeke: There's not really such a thing as a reset button, Kira.

IJD: Just like when Zeke says "soon" -- it's not serious. Heh heh heh.

Kira: I knew that.

IJD: Come on! That was funny! I didn't even get a chuckle?

Marc: Does anyone have another plan? Preferably one that works?

Kira: Shut up.

IJD: Um...crap, I don't think you guys are hearing me.

Zeke: Marc's right. We need a plan.

IJD: If you can hear me, say "déjà vu."

Marc: As long as it doesn't involve pie.


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This was originally published on June 25, 2002

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