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Paneldemonium, Part 3

by Zeke

An incursion of Time Travel Week

Kira: Okay, new plan. We all

Zeke: Kira?

Marc: Yes?

Zeke: Not you.

Marc: Yes, me. I legally changed my name to Kira. Maybe NOW you'll pay attention to me.

Zeke: That's disturbing for so many interesting reasons.

Marc: If you don't believe me, here are the papers.

Zeke: Oh, please. These can't be offi-- well, I'll be.

IJD: I'm guessing he went to the court and had it changed during some temporal anomaly that made the whole time pass like an instant for us.

Marc: That's ridiculous. By the way, I picked you up this copy of the Boston Globe.

IJD: Hey, you heard me!

Marc: So?

IJD: So nobody has been able to hear me till now! Breakthrough!

Marc: I'd celebrate, but it's just not me.

Zeke: Marc, you've been bitter like this the whole time. When are you going to learn to embrace life in all its many-splendored glories?

IJD: I can't believe who I just heard that from.

Zeke: Hey, I can be optimistic sometimes. Life is a bowl of cherries.

IJD: Wait for it....

Zeke: Sour cherries.

IJD: Keep waiting....

Zeke: With pits made of dynamite.

IJD: There. That's probably --

Zeke: Poisonous dynamite.

IJD: Okay, now he's done.

Marc: Four in ten seconds. He's improving.

Zeke: I wish you guys would quit timing me. It's annoying.

Marc: Many things we wish in this life will never come true.

IJD: I wish people would stop mocking the cheap effects in TOS, and what does that get me?

Zeke: Your own section.

IJD: True.

Marc: Hang on. Zeke, are you implying that you complain to accomplish some purpose?

Zeke: I want to be Emperor. Then I'd have it all. Women, money, pie....

Kira: talk at once.

ZEKE, IJD, & Marc: Huh?

Kira: See, that way we could see if anybody was interrupted in mid-sentence, and we could spot temporal anomalies.

Marc: Oh, come on. That would never work.

Kira: Yeah, I know. Sorry.


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This was originally published on June 26, 2002

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