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Paneldemonium, Part 4


An incursion of Time Travel Week

Marc: All right, in 3 parts of discussion, we've yet to discuss much of anything of importance.

IJD: Except for cedar.

Zeke: Well thanks, thanks a lot people.

Kira: And temporal anomolies.

Marc & IJD: Ohhh yeaaahh...

Zeke: NOOOOOOOOOOOO! What's wrong with you people, stop ignoring me!

Marc: Hey, what's up with Zeke?

Zeke: A Borg replicant? Oh, that's original.

Kira: I dunno, maybe I could add this to my "Zeke's Top 10 Excuses for Procrastinating" list, whatever this is.

IJD: I blame subspace.

Zeke: Well, aside from certain personality quirks....

Kira: You would. Hey, can we ignore Zeke? He's obvoiusly malfunctioning.

IJD: Sure. I think he's been replaced by some kinda Borg replicant.

Zeke: What's up with me? What do you mean, I'm completely normal!

Marc: Look on the bright side -- if Zeke stays this way, you're permanently in charge, Kira.

Kira: WOO HOO!

Zeke: Ohhh yeaaahh....

IJD: Is anybody else feeling a little guilty about ignoring Zeke?

Marc: A little....

Kira: Nope, not me.

Zeke: And pie.

Kira: Like I've never ignored Zeke before.

Zeke: Hey!

Marc: Woah, he's back!

IJD: Yay!

Kira: Boooo....

Zeke: Hush, or you'll be thrown to the audience.


Marc: Hey wait a minute...where was the audience in the last 2 parts?

Kira: Come to think of it, I don't remember an audience the last 2 parts....

IJD: I blame subspace.

Zeke: Sigh. Well whatever is going on we need to act...shortly.

Kira: Ha! You stopped saying soon, didn't you?

Zeke: That's off-topic.

Kira: So is pie.

Zeke: Then why'd you just bring it up?

Kira: Uhh....


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This was originally published on June 27, 2002

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