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Kira presents....

The Top 10 Pet Peeves of the Temporal Police

An incursion of Time Travel Week

  1. The job gets repetitive  
  2. You get tired of puns like "Time to go to work, eh?" from acquaintances  
  3. The job gets repetitive  
  4. There are only so many anagrams of X-Files names  
  5. The producers of Enterprise are always asking you to change continuity  
  6. You have to draw straws to see who gets to deal with Janeway  
  7. Female officers assigned to the 23rd century are always trying to erase one-night stands with Kirk  
  8. If you get stranded on Vulcan nobody will listen to you  
  9. The term "repeat offender" can get very, very confusing  
And the number one pet peeve of the temporal police....
  1. You think overtime on other jobs is rough?  
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This list was originally published on June 26, 2002.

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