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Kira presents....

The Top 10 Things the Voyager Crew Would Do If They Could Time Travel

An incursion of Time Travel Week

  1. Neelix: Go back to "Caretaker" and make himself a Security officer  
  2. Kes: Tamper with the timeline so nobody remembers her. No, wait a minute....  
  3. Kim: Go back to "Non Sequitur" and stay there  
  4. Paris: Go back to "Threshold" and rescue his lizard children  
  5. Torres: Go back to "Persistence of Vision" and hook up with Chakotay to annoy the P/Ters and J/Cers  
  6. Seven: Go back to "One" and leave the rest of the crew asleep until they get back to Earth  
  7. Doc: Go back to his creation at Jupiter Station and give himself hair  
  8. Tuvok: Go back to "Caretaker" and make sure Neelix doesn't come aboard  
  9. Chakotay: Go back to "Resolutions" and score with Janeway  
And the number one thing a Voyager crewmember would do if she could time travel....
  1. Janeway: Erase what everyone else did from the timeline  
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This list was originally published on June 25, 2002.

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