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August 1

Well, I'm back, and more exhausted than when I left. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

And, as promised, I'll start making headway on that pile of guest fivers, beginning with a pair of TOS fivers from Derek Dean (author of Five-Minute Star Trek: Generations) -- Five-Minute "The Deadly Years" and Five-Minute "Wolf in the Fold."

If you're still craving new fivers, check out the forums where Celeste and company have been coming up with hilarious fivers based on themselves. Other people also star.


August 4

Another pair of fivers today. First up, DS9 gets another much needed boost with Soyokaze's inaugural fiver, "Melora." Secondly, IJD GAF brings us a video game fiver with Five-Minute Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.

There's still plenty more where that came from, so look for updates every few days, at least until I run out of new content.

And, for those of you who are wondering what Zeke's been up to lately, check out his latest episode at Voyager Virtual Season Nine, King of Kings, Part I.


August 7

A pair of NG guest fivers today. First up, Five-Minute "Home Soil" by Derek Dean, accompanied by Five-Minute "The Inner Light" by Nate the Great.

Also, another milestone in the forums as they hit their 2,000th post last night. If you've never been, drop by!


August 14

Day Soon of Time Travel Week

Hi everybody -- Zeke here. I'd like, first of all, to apologize for my extensive absences from the site and my diminishing productivity in the last few months. It's been a very, very difficult time. I won't go over all the details here, but suffice it to say that losing my job and girlfriend in the same week is an experience I'm not going to forget soon.

I still have too much on my plate right now to formally take back the reins of 5MV; Kira has graciously agreed to continue handling the updates until things ease up for me. However, I'm so out of touch with the site now that I just had to do this update personally.

A bit of explanation is required. Back when I and the others were coming up with the idea for Time Travel Week, one thing we agreed on was that the MUCH-requested "Future's End" would be the grand finale. I also wanted to do "Ouroboros." Unfortunately, my life got so hectic in that particular week that I wasn't able to come through with either -- and it took until now for things to have relatively cooled down.

I still want them in Time Travel Week. And fortunately, due to a highly flexible concept, I can still do that. Welcome to Day Soon.

Today's new material:

  • Voyager's "Future's End" (Trivia fact: I wrote part II first)
  • Andromeda's "Ouroboros" (Can you spot all five Trek titles?)
  • Voyager's "Latent Image" (This one's been finished on paper since January; it's not strictly time travel, but there's a TT reference in it)
  • Last but not least, the lost Part 8 of Paneldemonium!

I'll be making more updates this week, so keep watching the site. Thanks to all 5MV fans for your continuing patience and support.


August 16

Zeke again, with this week's second update. (For those keeping track, the current temperature in hell is 50 K).

Today I'm finally adding the much-delayed Virtual Voyager Season 9 page. On it is a cool new graphic (thanks to Reptile for the custom starship image) and the first VVS9 fiver, Five-Minute "Defenders of the Realm." More VVS material to follow.

One other thing... I should have explained this yesterday, but my life is now very much better than it was in the week I referred to. That was back in early June. Since then, not only have I kept up a decent income from part-time jobs, but I've found a deep, fulfilling relationship now for the first time in my life. The girl is one who's been a close friend of mine for over a year; my breakup with Thinkey was the catalyst that made us both realize what was right in front of us. Many thanks to those of you who gave me your sympathy -- I was very touched -- but for once, I'm okay.


August 25

Kira here, back to working on the pile of guest fivers. (I can actually see the bottom of the pile now....) Today Derek Dean returns again with Five Minute "Bread and Circuses." Also today, FatMatDuhRat makes his third contribution to the site with Five-Minute "Lonely Among Us."

The other two items today are the long overdue "What You Come Back To" fivers. My apologies to Nell that I took so long to process these and get them out, but here at last are Five-Minute "Visiting Privileges" and Five-Minute "Family and Opportunity."

Things to look forward to next week? I'll be making a long overdue contribution, there are still more guest fivers to come, and we might see more material from the Zekeness himself. Stay tuned!


August 27

Kira again, deciding to toot my own horn. In honour of the publication of my first fivers ("Concerning Flight" and "Vis Vis") one year ago today, here are two new fivers from me, my first in quite a while: Five-Minute "The Loss" from Next Gen and Five-Minute "The Enemy Within" from the Original Series. The latter being my first venture into the world of Corny...I mean, Classic Trek means that I now have fivers in all four of the first series. (Yes, Marc and IJD, you both beat me to it. Damn you.)

If I was good at coming up with mushy stuff, this is where I would have a little ramble about my past year at 5MV. But I'm not, so all I have to say is this. (Ahem.) Zeke, this past year has been an incredible experience for me in more ways than one and I can never thank you enough for that. Thanks also to everyone else that this has given me the opportunity to meet and work with. I hope this milestone is the first of many to come.


August 29

Hey all, this is Zeke. I'm here for two reasons. The first reason is to let you know that my VVS9 episodes are now archived here at 5MV in the Features section. (Okay, that one's not so much a reason as an excuse to update.)

The second, far more important reason is this: Kira noted two days ago that it had been a year since her first fivers were published here. I'm ashamed of myself for not noticing that on my own, and I want to let it be known that Kira's gratitude is amply and emphatically returned. This woman has been a tremendous blessing to Five-Minute Voyager and to me personally, in more ways than I can list. Without her, I'd be even more messed up. Congratulations, Kira, and here's to many, many anniversaries to come.

In honour of the occasion, I've decided it's time to finally give Kira a title. She's acted as an unofficial substitute Zeke for long enough. I hereby bestow upon her the new title of Site Manager, to be held at least until I resume responsibility for the regular updates.

This means many things, but perhaps the most important is that she now officially outranks IJD GAF.

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