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August 5

I'm back!

Zeke's Better Judgment: You know how Jean Grey keeps getting killed in the X-Men comics? And each time, she ends up making some big return? And it's supposed to be a big deal and everything, but you start to wonder why the other characters even care anymore? You being "back" is like that.

I don't know why I keep letting you talk. Anyway, to start things off, I'm going to answer the big question that's surely on everyone's mind....

Zeke's Better Judgment: Why you keep putting on those 3D glasses?

What? No. I mean the question of filler. Before I left I said I would arrange some sort of filler. Well, I did -- I suggested to Sa'ar and Derek that they write some newsposts. Sa'ar did one, but I ended up not having time to post it. So here, slightly belated, it is.

What ho and salutations, all and sundry.

Sa'ar Chasm here. Since Zeke is up to his eyeballs in trying to make math fun for kids -- a Herculean task if there ever was one --


-- he's asked the rest of the staff to keep you all entertained for the week. I figure I should probably do something to earn my keep around here, so I agreed.

Today's link combines two of my passions: chemistry and parody. In 1959, tunesmith and satirist Tom Lehrer penned a little ditty about the periodic table to "a vaguely recognizable tune." Flash forward half a century or so. Someone called Mike Stanfill had too much time on his hands and created a rather clever Flash animation for it. Be warned: the last line contains a highly questionable rhyme.

Incidentally, the "vaguely recognizable tune" is one of my karaoke standbys. When I manage to get all the way through it without passing out or tying my tongue into a knot, there's cheering from the back of the room.

And if you buy that, I've got a bridge over troubled water to sell you.

So, go enjoy Tom Lehrer's "The Elements Song" and come back tomorrow for, uh, I dunno, something. Possibly dancing monkeys, but no promises.

No promises? Wow, Sa'ar's a quick study. It took me a long time to learn that lesson about newsposts. Now come back tomorrow for big updates! Big! Big! BIG!



August 11

Well, this is interesting. A few days ago I discovered the Star Trek Inspirational Posters page through a hitcounter referral. It's a nifty idea, very well executed, and you'll notice that several of the jokes are from this site. Lines are taken with credit from fivers by Kira, Nic Corelli, and Sa'ar. (What, none of mine?) So I saved the link to post in an upcoming update.

Turns out I didn't need to save it. EVERYONE coming to this site comes from that one now. I have no idea where the sudden popularity surge came from, but not only is it breaking her server, it's breaking our hitcount records. Yesterday we got 2450 hits. (That should not be a record for us in our seventh year of operation, but I digress....) Anyway, I never say no to publicity, so here's a welcome to anyone coming here from there. We have a ton of stuff besides the original Star Trek, so be sure to look around. And those who were here already, go check out the posters, they're funny.


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