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October 1

Kira here. A rare treat today -- a Voyager fiver. Forumgoer Celeste, notorious for her "Bored at Work" fivers on the boards, has found a solution to her demands for more Voyager fivers: writing them herself. Hope you all enjoy her debut, Five-Minute "Tattoo."

Also today, a new This Just In article by Marc Richard: Berman announces Paramount parody plans. Hilarious as usual but it begs the question, do I have to be corrupt in every TJI not written by me?


October 4

Kira here; this fiver has been up at TrekToday for a few days now, but due to computer problems on Zeke's end and time problems on mine, it's taken until now to get it published here. But now, behold, it all its glory, the hilarious Five-Minute "Shockwave, Part II"! I was laughing so hard the first time I read this I almost missed my bus. And don't just take my word for it -- go check out the rave comments at the Trek BBS.


October 6

Pair of Next Gen fivers for you all today. Derek Dean brings his total up to an impressive 12 with Five-Minute "Allegiance," and forumgoer saxamaphone makes his debut with Five-Minute "Ship in a Bottle."

Just in case new readers aren't aware of this, 5MV does have an update letter that goes out every few updates (or every time I remember, whichever comes first). If getting double the witty comments from myself and/or Zeke, plus notification of new material, sounds like a good idea to you, just email me (kira4747@yahoo.com) with "Update Letter" in the subject line and I'll add you to the list.


October 9

Here's Zeke's latest Enterprise fiver, Five-Minute "Carbon Creek." One thousand eleven hundred and fifty-nine quatloos to whoever can pick out all the references to a certain Voyager episode.


October 13

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian readers, and happy Columbus day to our American readers! (Happy three day weekend for everyone!) I'm currently working through a massive workload from school (I'm certain the number of papers I have to read is nearing 20) and trying to apply for a major grad scholarship (the instructions for the application form are 22 pages by themselves), but here's proof of my love of procrastination: a new TOS fiver from IJD GAF, Five-Minute "The Savage Curtain."

My workload may be preventing me from formatting guest fivers or writing, but never fear -- Zeke has something up his sleeve. Due to some problems with his home PC he'll be offline for the long weekend, but come Tuesday expect a special surprise. Stay tuned!


October 15

Zeke here. Today, for the first time in months, there's a new subsite at 5MV: Five-Minute Farscape. Read the article for more.


October 21

Kira here. Despite several assassination attempts (or as my professors seem to insist on calling them, "midterms") Zeke and I aren't dead. There is new material coming soo-- er, in the near future.

In other news, 5MV will be getting some convention exposure at Con*Cept 2002 in Montreal on Saturday, November 2nd. Marc Richard will be representing 5MV on a panel about sci-fi parodies, and there will also be a fiver-writing workshop as part of the convention events. They haven't finalized this year's schedule yet, but you can go here for more details.


October 30

Apologies for the long delay in new material. Concerns, complaints, and hate mail can be directed to my professors.

Two TAS fivers today: Five-Minute "The Jihad" from new writer Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg (try saying that ten times fast) and another contribution from veteran writer Derek Dean, Five-Minute "How Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth" (try saying that ten times fast too).

There are more guest fivers in the queue; I'll get to them when life calms down a little. (Yes, that's my version of a Zeke "soon.")

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