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December 12

I'm not dead. Unfortunately, that's literally all I have time to tell you right now. My academic career may depend on the next couple of days. However, starting on the 14th, somebody will be updating 5MV -- with content and without excuses. This is a Chef Boyardee Guarantee and you can take it to the manicotti.

Meanwhile, speaking of content, read Questionable Content. Warning: contains questionable content.


December 14

As promised (if technically a couple of hours late), here's content. Content! Remember a month ago when we marked the TOS Season 2 DVD set's release with two fivers at 5MST? Well, we're marking the Season 3 release with... okay, one fiver, but it's really good. Check out Wowbagger's Five-Minute "Requiem For Methuselah."

And come back tonight for the start of something big. Something bold. Something with barbecue sauce. It's the weeklong event you've all been waiting for and didn't even know it. Prepare your world for a rockin'....

(Can I hype or can I hype?)



December 19

Welcome to 5MV's 4.5th-anniversary event: Voyager Week! That article covers everything you need to know about the event, so make sure to read it if you're curious about our reasons, motives and such. Today's new content:

  • We're starting the week off light with a no-fiver update -- after this it's two a day. So the first item today is a new Top 10 List by me: The Top 10 Differences Between Voyager and Season 3 of Enterprise.
  • The other item is the start of a new panel discussion! The two we've done before, Paneldemonium and Sleapers, have been among our most popular events. You'll find this one a little different -- but no less of a fun ride. Read Voyagers, Part 1: "Chairtalker", by me, and you'll quickly figure out what's going on. (There's a character in here that those in the know about 5MV's history will quickly recognize -- if no one in the comment thread recognizes him, I'll post myself and explain, so keep an eye on that thread.)

That's it for today, so all that's left is an apology for the delay. In a sense, it doesn't matter -- I don't remember the exact birthday of 5MV, after all. But the 15th was basically made official last year, and I did say this would start on the 15th, so I'm sorry I missed the target. Strictly speaking, this shouldn't even be the 19th's update, but I'd like to end the week on Christmas, so I'm cheating a bit. That's good news for you, because it means you get Day 2 of VW in just a few hours!



December 20 and 21

I've decided to catch up by doing Days 2 and 3 of Voyager Week together. But first, the reason this took so long: the Voyager subsite is now fully converted to the PHP system! That's the last Trek subsite to get the upgrade, so we're making significant progress towards v4.0.

The Day 2 content is as follows....

And the Day 3 content....

Finally, two notes. First, I'm heading back to Ottawa for Christmas now, so for the next couple of weeks I won't be online as much (but I shouldn't have any problem making the remaining Voyager Week updates). Second, over at TripHammered -- which I'm starting to think of as 5MV's sister site -- evay has posted a rebuttal to my Top 10 list from Day 1. Check it out.



December 22

On Day 4 of Voyager Week, we have the following new content for you....



December 23

Day 5 strikes! Behold the new content....

  • Marc kicks off today's update with Five-Minute "Infinite Regress," a T/7er's paradise.
  • Derek hits Season 6 with Five-Minute "Riddles," and from here on, forget what I said yesterday about chronological order. (Among other reasons, Seasons 7 and "8" are done.)
  • Today's Top 10 list is the first of two great guest lists from PointyHairedJedi: The Top 10 Outcomes of the Serenity Crew Being Assimilated by the Borg. That's the ship from Firefly, if you don't know.
  • Finally, today is IJD's turn at the plate of our panel discussion. (Panel of our plate discussion?) A little knowledge of 5MV's structure will serve you well in reading Voyagers, Part 5: "Relative Exosites."



December 24

Day 6, pick up sticks. Here's what's cooking....

And that's it for Christmas Eve. Be here tomorrow for the end of Voyager Week! Thrills! Chills! Spills! Trills! Just kidding, no Trills. Wait! Yes, there is one. Celeste will be happy.



December 25

Merry Christmas to all! ...and sorry, folks, but I just didn't have time to do Day 7 today. In retrospect, I was a moron to think I'd have time to write for 5MV on Christmas. Day 7 is going to be well worth the wait, but I'm afraid that wait is unavoidable. I hope I'll be done tomorrow... not going to risk guaranteeing that, though.


December 26

Again, family gatherings left me with no more than a few minutes online today. Tomorrow's looking more promising.


December 27

...And, unfortunately, it turned out not to be. Sigh. Hang in there, folks, I'm doing the best I can.


December 28

It's become obvious that I won't have time to do Day 7 till I get home. (The reason is that most of the content is going to be by me, and writing a fiver takes considerably longer than making a newspost.) I'm leaving on Saturday, so the updates will likely need to be small till then -- link days and such. Just sit tight for now and enjoy your Christmas holiday if you have one; your patience will be rewarded.

For today's link, here's a great webcomic I discovered shortly before leaving Waterloo. Misfile has one of the most interesting concepts I've seen in some time. I'd explain it, but the comic itself does that much better, and the archives aren't too extensive yet. Set aside an hour or so to read through them -- your time will be spent far better than if you'd watched some crap TV show. Especially if you're a fan of car racing, theology, or, um, transgendered schoolgirls.


December 29

Summary for those who missed yesterday's update: the conclusion of Voyager Week will have to wait till I'm back in Waterloo. Till then, small stuff. (Don't sweat any of it.)

Yesterday I mentioned my discovery of the excellent comic Misfile; that comic in turn led me to Building 12. This is a cool comic with a massive cast of characters. Its premise reminds me of College Roomies From Hell, but it's handled differently, and the noses are much more reasonable. (Actually, the art in Building 12 is so much like Misfile's that I wonder if... oh, they ARE done by the same guy! That explains it.) Check it out.


December 30

Current status: same as the first. I mean, same as the old boss. I mean, same as yesterday. So the link days must continue for now.

Remember Building 12, which I linked you to yesterday? Remember how I found that through Misfile? Well, I found Misfile through Chugworth Academy. (And I don't remember how I found that one, so the chain stops there.) This comic is definitely not worksafe and contains immature subject matter, but it has three things going for it: interesting characters, good jokes, and really good art. And the current strip, #150, is a catfight! Why didn't I do a catfight for our 150th fiver or something? Oh well, live and learn....


December 31

Today I actually have a small VW update! Call it Day 6.28 or something. I'm still way busy, but I managed to whip up a Top 10 list during some free moments: The Top 10 Reasons Voyager Took Seven Years to Get Home. Hopefully this'll whet your appetites for Day 7.

Be here tomorrow; I'm hoping to do a State of the Site report summarizing how 2004 went and what we hope to get done in 2005.

(By the way, those of you who check the News page first may not have noticed this, but there's now a gag on the front page that I often change.)


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