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September 5

I have a lot to say, but absolutely no time to say it till (probably) Thursday, so it'll have to wait till then. I'm just posting quickly to note one thing: today is the fifth anniversary of 5MNG. It's not exactly a happy occasion this year, but I will be doing something for it when I have time.



September 10

Finally! My summer work is now done, after a massively busy month. How busy, you ask? Oh, I'll tell you how busy: I haven't seen Snakes on a Plane yet. THAT'S how motherf***ing busy.

To start things moving again, here's my first TJI in quite a while. (It would have been better timed a week or two ago, but what're you gonna do?) Lock the doors, folks, because tonight is the night they drove old Dixie down... well, actually it's the night they destroyed Pluto, but that doesn't scan.



September 13

Here's something I've waited way too long to publish. Back when I first tried OC fivers, the second episode I did was "The Heartbreak," as a birthday present for the person who got me to watch the show (my girlfriend at the time). Things didn't work out with her and so the fiver had certain associations; as a result, I never got around to posting it here. But the time has come, because darn it, it's funny. Here's Five-Minute "The Heartbreak."



September 25

[Since I've been utterly failing to make updates, I'm going to use this link post that Derek sent for a rainy day. I'll try to get back in the habit of link-posting myself on days without new content. It's been some time since I did that regularly, so some links have built up. Anyway, take it away, Derek.]

Hello all, Derek here.


I apparently don't have anything witty to say, but hey, you probably already knew that reading my fivers.


Thank you! Thank you! But seriously, I haven't got a good idea of a newspost for you, so while I'm thinking of one, why don't you go play DHTML Lemmings. For those of you who don't know what Lemmings is... for shame! For those of you who don't know what DHTML is... for more shame! No really, this is very impressive to me since you should be able to play this game over any modern browser. Firefox, IE, Opera, it doesn't matter (or shouldn't anyway). I am seriously geeking out about this.



September 29

Link day. As you may have heard, John M. Ford recently died. He was one of the first people to make a real hit in non-canon Trek materials -- first RPGs, then novels. Before Next Gen came along, he fleshed out the Klingons into a complicated society, as Diane Duane would later do with the Romulans. (In both cases, canon Trek went in a different direction, but the novels still have a cult following -- Duane even got to revisit her "Rihannsu" culture recently with some outright contrary-to-canon books.)

Anyway, I didn't know a lot about Ford myself, nor had I read his books... but Eric Burns at Websnark was a big fan, and he's written a fascinating, poignant memorial post which has convinced me I should track them down. Give it a read.

Tomorrow: Derek's Smallville premiere fiver!



September 30

Welcome back to Smallville! When we left off last season, Clark was stuck in the Phantom Zone and Lex had General Zod in his brain. This season, all that plus Jimmy freakin' Olsen! Personally, I'm looking forward to the inevitable battle between Clark and Superman, who must be ticked at having nothing left to do in his adult life... anyway, here's returning champion Derek Dean with Five-Minute "Zod."


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