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JULY 2001


July 1

Happy Canada Day! My fiver for "Worst Case Scenario" is now online, as are guest fivers for "Cathexis" (by Jade), "One" (by Marc Richard), "Blink of an Eye" (by IJD GAF, formerly The Newbie), and Stargate SG-1's "2010" (by Nan the Mysterious Romulan). With these new episodes come a new Episodes section; I've finally reorganized that part of the site, adding a page for each season and moving the non-Voyager fivers out of the Features section. These changes will make it easier when Enterprise starts, and they've finally given the VVS8 fivers a home.


July 4

This week's VVS8 fiver, Five-Minute "Between Heaven and Hell," is now online. Happy Independence Day to American readers!


July 7

Ventura33's guest fiver for Star Trek: Insurrection is now up, and there's a new page in the Episodes section for the TNG movies (now that I've got more than one). You'll notice an interesting new graphic on that particular page....


July 8

I've posted a few words about a brand new site that deserves a little publicity. Read the article here.


July 11

The latest Virtual Season 8 episode, "Fair-Weather Friends," is now fived.


July 15

First of all, sorry for the lack of updates lately and for my lousy e-mail response time. If you've written me, I will write back -- I've just had a lot of Real Life to handle lately.
The catch-up process begins with Part I of "The Killing Game." When will Part II appear? You'll just have to keep checking the site to find out. <g> Also online are four new guest fivers: three ("Eye of the Needle," "Prototype," and "In the Flesh") by Marc Richard, and one ("Ex Post Facto") by newcomer Matthew Sloughter. This takes a surprisingly small dent out of my guest fiver backlog (I have at least another five waiting in my inbox), but you'll enjoy them all.
This Just In is not dead; however, I'm finding myself a little short on ideas for it. Anybody who has an idea for a TJI article, please share....


July 19

Today's news....

  • As promised, the "Killing Game" fiver is now complete. (This finally fills Elizabeth Barr's year-old request; if you're out there, Elizabeth, I'm sorry for the delay.) Also up is the latest VVS8 fiver, Five-Minute "Magpie." Finally, all you Farscape fans (I call 'em Scapegoats) will be pleased to see the new "Premiere" fiver by 4GOM, a well-known figure at the Trek BBS.
  • I'll be offline from now until Monday afternoon, so don't try to reach me (or do, but don't expect a reply till then).
  • In other news, 5MV just got its 30,000th hit! Thanks go out as always to the viewing public; you're a great audience.
  • It should be noted that Five-Minute Stargate is producing fivers at a frightening rate.

July 30

I've returned from my weekend trip; I'm gradually catching up on my e-mail, and I've posted Marc Richard's latest two guest fivers ("Bliss" and "One Small Step"). I've also added to my collection of Top 10 lists for the first time in a long while.

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