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Five-Minute Stargate

July 8, 2001

If it were anybody else but Nan, I'd be a little ticked.

Most of you will recognize the name of Nan the Mysterious Romulan; she's a three-time contributor to 5MV, having written guest fivers for Voyager's "Drone," Babylon 5's "Z'ha'dum," and Stargate SG-1's "2010." It's the latter that's brought the current situation to pass. See, while this site currently contains parodies for six different franchises (not to mention Shakespeare), Stargate is the first to capture the interest of more than one guest writer -- and to do it quite so thoroughly.

What do I mean by thoroughly? Behold Five-Minute Stargate.

Aided and abetted by fellow 5MV veteran Hejira, Nan has created her own site to host Stargate fivers. The site is very new and currently holds only three parodies, but it has potential written all over it -- and it looks beautiful. (I must grudgingly admit that her main banner could eat my main banner for breakfast.) Not only that, but there are already signs that Nan is developing her own unique style and will make the fiver concept her own for the Stargate series. And that's good. I don't watch the show; far better that a fan be the one to bring fivers to SG-1.

Anyway. As I said, I'd be ticked if just anybody had decided to borrow my concept, but Nan did give me conceptual credit on the front page, she's worked with 5MV before, and she asked first. (Okay, she implied that it would be not so much a full site as a new page on her existing one, but that's small stuff.) Five-Minute Stargate is a site to watch, and it has my full recommendation. So go have a look. Admire the view. Laugh at the fivers. Gripe at Nan till she adds all those other pages she's advertising. Enjoy.

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