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5MV and VVS8: Meeting of the Acronyms

June 20, 2001

The Voyager Virtual Season 8 project (VVS8) aims to extend Voyager's lifespan by creating another full season in prose form. Some of the Trek community's best-known fanfic writers are working on the project; the 26 episodes will appear once a week over the summer.

What does this have to do with 5MV? Well, I won't have any new Trek to work with until late September, when Enterprise begins. I still have the Queue, of course, but it's not quite the same. So I've worked out a deal with Thinkey, the insidious overlord of VVS8: I'll be writing fivers for the VVS8 episodes as they appear, and she'll be linking to them from the project's main site. With this plan, we hope to improve the situation of both sites, and possibly take over the world. (Consider yourselves warned, puny mortals.)

Anyway, the first episode -- "Hiatus," by Jemima -- is now online, as is my fiver for it. Enjoy both, and consider them harbingers of things to come....

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