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Five-Minute Deep Space Nine

August 27, 2001

Other than Voyager, Deep Space Nine is the Trek series I've most often been asked to try. When I decided to break format and publish a non-VOY fiver this summer, I picked the movie Star Trek: First Contact for its popular appeal, but DS9 was always on my back burner. It wasn't till now that I finally went ahead with it, though -- and the instigating factor was, shall we say, unexpected.

VVS8 isn't the only virtual season around; it has peers in this franchise and others (such as the X-Files). One example is What You Come Back To, a virtual eighth DS9 season run from the Alexander Siddig website SidCity. Now, I don't follow WYCBT, but I recently got a letter from a member of the writing team (Nell) who was hoping I'd be willing to write fivers for them. I said I'd think about it -- and while I was thinking, she came up with the first four herself.

Though I hadn't read the originals, I could tell her fivers were good, and so I decided to grant her wish and post 'em. (Any excuse to make a Five-Minute DS9 graphic....) And then I decided that it wouldn't really be right, considering all the requests I've had, to post DS9 material without providing a sort of kickoff -- so I finally got off my rear and fived the pilot, "Emissary." More may or may not be forthcoming (from me at least; I'm currently processing a DS9 guest fiver, and others may be interested).

So here's Five-Minute "Emissary", and here's the new What You Come Back To section. If you like the WYCBT fivers (and I bet you will), be sure to send Nell your feedback. Consider this new content a tip of the 5MV hat to all you Niners out there, and a reminder that I'm one too.

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