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Five-Minute Next Generation

September 5, 2001

I know, I know -- I added a new section just last week. Am I some sort of site-expansion freak? Well, yes, but the timing is a coincidence; Five-Minute TNG has been several weeks in the making. Allow me to explain.

Marc Richard is a name 5MV readers will recognize. With six guest fivers to his credit, Marc (a fellow Canadian, by the way) has established himself as a talented guest writer with a flair for cross-series jokes. What I didn't mention when I published those six fivers is that they were actually a trial run. After testing his mettle with "One," Marc had proposed something more ambitious than a string of Voyager guest fivers: a new section devoted to TNG, in which he would play essentially the same role I do in the VOY section.

After some discussion, a plan crystallized. Marc would finish his six Voyager episodes and then kick off the Next Gen section with one fiver from each season. I'd just finished making a "Five-Minute Next Generation" graphic for the movies page, so all I had to do was to set up a new Episodes page, which was easy enough. I got the seven TNG fivers earlier this week but delayed their release a bit to give the new DS9 section room to breathe; now, at last, they're ready. I cordially invite you to the Five-Minute Next Generation section.

I wouldn't have approved something like this for just anybody, and I certainly can't afford to add another series to my own schedule with university starting so soon. But Marc is one of the most natural guest writers I've ever seen. Not only is his working speed impressive (13 fivers in two months), but he's mastered all the 5MV style conventions, and he's better at keeping these things concise than I am. Very funny guy, folks; the section is in good hands.

However, while I won't be the quarterback in this game, I will be making the kick-off. "Encounter at Farpoint," my first episodic TNG fiver, is now available for your reading pleasure. (Hmm, only one series premiere left to do....) I'll probably be popping back into the Next Gen section now and then -- and Marc's work with the series has just begun. Stay tuned!

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