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5MV Nomenclature Poll Results

September 22, 2001

Two weeks ago, in light of upcoming changes to the site's purpose, I opened the Five-Minute Voyager Nomenclature Poll. A total of 142 readers voted on the six options, and I received four write-in suggestions as well -- one of which (Sci-Fivers) earned a spot on the poll itself. Now the poll is closed; here are the results.

Five-Minute Sci-Fi9
Five-Minute Star Trek18
Five-Minute Voyager42

Before I set up the poll, I was already pretty much decided about what to do: stick with Five-Minute Voyager for a while longer, taking advantage of the recognition value and making matters easier for those who link to the site. I thought it was still a good idea to use my "Ask the Audience" lifeline, though -- and it looks like I was right, because I never expected these results. The popularity of "Sci-Fivers" has absolutely blown me away. I added it to the poll for its elegance and catchiness, but I had no idea it would actually win!

Now, I have to say I can't see myself using that name for the site. It's clever, but it doesn't really strike me as a suitable title. Aside from the original name, 5MV is the only one I've seriously considered going with. (Marc Richard is very much in favour of that one, actually.) However, this poll was not a sham -- your opinions do make a difference. So I gave this some thought and came up with a solution, one that I'm very satisfied with.

Sci-Fivers will not be the name of the site, but you'll be seeing it again very soon. I'll leave it to you to guess where. And to make matters more interesting, I'll throw in a bonus: whoever is first to guess what I plan to do with the name "Sci-Fivers" will be mentioned in the News section next time I update. To enter, just drop me a line at zeke@sci-fivers.com.ar; to keep things fair, stick to one guess per person (if you make several, I'll only count the first).

Call it the 5MV Nomenclature Contest. Or don't. I'm going to, since I really like the word "Nomenclature."

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