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September 5

Another big load of new content!

  • The big news today is the opening of 5MV's all-new Next Generation section. Most of the content in this section will be by Marc Richard, guest writer extraordinaire, who's started things off with a fiver from each season. I've also provided a parody of TNG's pilot episode, "Encounter at Farpoint." For the full story, click here.
  • 5MV has hit 40000! Way to go, fiver fans!
  • The latest VVS8 fiver, "A Darker Light," is now online.
  • Six new guest fivers this week! Returning to 5MV is Justin O'Neill (Species 5236) with "Night"; the Voyager newcomers are darkler ("Warlord" and "The Raven"), Annika Hansen ("Unity"), and Alec Lamberton ("Juggernaut"). Finally, the first DS9 guest fiver is now up: "Our Man Bashir" by The Great Meech.
  • Business at the new forums is still booming; have a look if you haven't yet.
  • 5MV has received its second flame! A certain "Sisko2374" replied to the Usenet copy of Five-Minute "Emissary" with the following astute commentary: "Oh, Colin Cancer, you're so funny -- NOT! What a brain! What brilliance! What garbage!" Ain't he great, folks? (I've corrected his punctuation. An honourable mention goes to "TONYC," who didn't come up with an original flame but agreed with this one.)
There may be further updates in a few hours, by the way; the new This Just In article is nearly ready. Stay tuned!

September 6

Okay, so maybe "a few hours" was a bit strong. Nonetheless, I do have a new Voyager fiver for you: "Basics, Part I." That's right, folks -- I'm pulling another "Killing Game" stunt on you. Don't worry, Part II will be along soon (though it's not like you don't know how it ends).

Something I forgot to mention yesterday is that the number of Voyager hours "fived" has now passed the 100 mark! That's well over half, leaving only 70 hours to do. What's really ironic is that the Queue makes up nearly half of those remaining 70. I know I've been pretty unimpressive with my request-filling habits, and I apologize for that. What's more, I'll make sure to do that Queued half before the other half -- I promise.

A warning, though: I can't promise any particular speed. Today I return to university, and as much as I love 5MV, I'm going to have to put my studies first. You may notice a drop in update frequency or you may not; I'm just letting you know in advance.


September 7

Can we have a round of applause for the esteemed Mr. Owen Jacobson, please? Not only did this guy code the entire 5MV Nomenclature Poll from scratch, but he found time to help me improve the front-page layout, which has been one of my pet peeves since day one of the redesign. It's also thanks to Owen that the red colors on that page now match (curse my broken monitor). Way to go, dude!


September 11

(The World Trade Center was destroyed on this date, with thousands of innocent human beings inside. Plane crashes at the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania added to the death toll. There was no news entry at 5MV; instead, I shut down the site for 48 hours. This note was added later to fill the gap.)


September 13

Five-Minute Voyager's 48 hours of silence (in memory of the victims at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, as well as the passengers of the hijacked planes) are now over. I have new content in progress, but I'm going to hold it back for a while, because I don't think any of us is completely ready to laugh yet. Instead, I've put up In Memoriam (technically a This Just In article), and I'm asking all readers to observe a Five-Minute Silence in honour of the slain.


September 19

After a week to honour those killed in the September 11 attacks, Five-Minute Voyager now resumes regular service. Today I've got new fivers for "Basics II", "Prime Factors," and VVS8's latest two episodes: "Enigmas" and "The Journey." They're all by me this time, but there are some new guest fivers coming soon, along with the new This Just In article and a special announcement or two. Finally, the 5MV nomenclature poll is now closed; I'll be commenting on the results with tomorrow's update.


September 22

The Results of the 5MV Nomenclature Poll are now in. Also online is the new This Just In article: "Clone Wars, Episode IV: A New Hack."

This means that, while In Memoriam and Five-Minute Silence will still be on the site, there's no longer any material on the main page related to the terrorist attacks. Part of me feels that it's too soon for this -- it's only been 11 days, after all -- but I've decided that it's time to return 5MV to its main purpose. We all mourn in our own ways; some people find humour helpful in relieving their grief, and it's better that I not keep a constant reminder for them on the front page.

But rest assured that my feelings about the situation have not changed. September 11, 2001 is a black day in human history, and it is imperative that those responsible be found and punished. To the souls of their victims, we owe no less.


September 26

The new fiver for VVS8's latest episode, "Soul Searching," is now online. There's still time to win the 5MV Nomenclature Contest....


September 30

Moved the index page, temporarily replacing it with a promo for 5MV's 2001-2002 season. The new season comes with a major reorganization of the site; the work is currently under way, and I'll be putting site updates on hold until it's done. I don't know how long it's going to take, but I hope to be done before the end of the week. I'll keep updating the news page, though -- anything significant that happens while 5MV is lying low will be reported here.

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