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5MV Update History

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APRIL 2001


April 6

Finally filled a very old request: "Coda," requested by Blade back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Also posted a guest fiver for "The Q and the Grey," by Arachnia. I technically did both of these things today, but that's because FTP access was temporarily down -- they were ready yesterday, so that makes them April 6th news items.


April 10

Added a new page to the Links section. Those of you who have wanted a link banner will find it there.


April 11

8 is my favourite number. Today, 5MV got its 8888th hit. At the same moment, the total number of hits since I switched counters was 8008. None of this matters, but I thought I'd say it anyway.


April 13

Good Friday isn't a day for celebration, so I'll just dispassionately note that 5MV broke 9000 today. One more millennium to go before the big 10K....


April 17

Axem Power of The Infinite Zone has posted a Trek crossover parody inspired by the Five-Minute Voyager concept. Definitely worth checking out. (Axem is also the first user of 5MV's new link banner.)


April 15

Happy Easter! Voyager is into the last (sniff) stretch of new episodes, and the first of these is "Q2," for which my fiver has now been posted. I'm leaving "Q and the Grey" on the main page for a little longer so as to provide a Q double feature of sorts.


April 22

Finally finished my "Author, Author" fiver. (Exams are not fun.) To compensate, I've added a little something extra -- be sure to read about the site's purchase by Microsoft!


April 25

Wrote my last exam and my "Friendship One" fiver. (The episode played early in my area, so I had a jumpstart with the latter.)


April 29

The much-delayed Five-Minute "Human Error" is now online. Be sure to read this week's news report -- are Nausicaans roaming my campus?

April 29 Supplemental

Five-Minute Voyager wins its first award! Dan Carlson of Star Trek Minutiae has selected 5MV for this month's Explosive Site Award (now visible on the front page). To read the writeup, click here. Many thanks, Dan!


April 30

At last, 5MV's 10000th hit! WOOHOO! fiver fans, you all have my great thanks for this new milestone. Also: posted a new guest fiver, "Relativity" by The Newbie.

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