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5MV Update History

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MAY 2001


May 1

I've written an article on C/7, Unnatural Law, which the Trek Nation has been generous enough to post. Check it out!

May 1 Supplemental

Largely thanks to that very article, 5MV blows the previous hitcount records clear out of the water with an astonishing 149 hits. I'm still recovering.


May 2

I got "Natural Law" a day early in my area and wrote the fiver early to perplex the UPN folks. The result is a fiver which is probably my weirdest yet, but I kinda like it.

May 2 Supplemental

Another new single-day hitcount record: 164!


May 6

This Sunday's This Just In is now posted: has Paramount infringed on my copyright?


May 7

Added some new links. (Remember: if you have a site that links to mine, contact me and I'll list you on the Links to 5MV page.)


May 11

5MV has now completed its first thousand hits after the 10000 mark, so I've taken down the celebratory banner. Interestingly, 5MV's had a popularity spike over the last couple of days...I'm not sure why, but I'm certainly not complaining.


May 12

"The Void" and "Homestead" are online -- and with that, I am now officially caught up for Season 7! Woohoo!


May 13

Lots of news for today!

  • First, thanks go out to Jim Wright of Delta Blues for giving 5MV a mention on his main page. Jim's new review for "Homestead" is now up, and it's very well worth checking out if you haven't yet. (In an interesting coincidence, Jim and I both used All Your Base jokes for that episode.)
  • Yesterday's hitcount was another new record: 170.
  • This week's This Just In, in which Robert Beltran is interviewed about 5MV, is now online.
  • For those who haven't heard, the new Star Trek series has just been announced! The show will be titled Enterprise (apparently not Star Trek: Enterprise) and will star Scott Bakula of Quantum Leap fame.
  • Finally, a sadder note: Douglas Adams, one of SF's greatest funny men, recently died at the young age of 49. He'll be missed.

May 14

Looks like I owe Jim more thanks than I thought. Yesterday's hitcount was a whopping 375, dwarfing the last two records put together. Today is looking even better, so stay tuned....

May 14 Supplemental

Kevin Williams of the SimonBob Network has sent along a unique parody: Five-Minute Chrono Trigger. It's a long one, but hey, it's a long game. Check it out!


May 15

Another record hitcount: 472!


May 16

5MV breaks 13000. Oddly enough, I can't remember exactly when it broke the last thousand.


May 17

Five-Minute "Renaissance Man," the last one-part fiver of Voyager's final year, is now online. Also, Jim Wright's "Friendship One" synopsis just went up at Delta Blues; he's continuing to plug 5MV on his main page, to my delight.


May 19

Posted a new guest fiver for "The Thaw," by my fellow ATVSTVer Justin O'Neill.


May 21

My connection has been down for the last two days, so this week's This Just In (Zeke tempted by the Dark Side) is a day late. However, I used my offline time to make some layout improvements which you'll notice on most pages of the site. Click here for the full story.


May 26

Turns out my connection problem was worse than I thought -- I had to get the modem replaced, resulting in three days of downtime. Five-Minute "Endgame" is now posted. Remember, the series may be over, but 5MV is not! With the weekly pressure gone, I'll now be working through the Queue; one episode is already half done, and it's one of my favourites (I'd say which one, but that would be telling). I should note also that 5MV broke 14000 on Monday and 15000 on Thursday; the May 24th hitcount was another new record, 562.


May 27

Posted this week's This Just In (C/7 destroys universe). I've also added the latest request to the Queue and posted a 5MV-related animation by KittyK in the Features section.

May 27 Supplemental

Posted a quick article on the future of 5MV.


May 30

Lots of news for today -- enough to justify using my mad HTML list skills.

  • I've written a fiver for one of my personal favourites, "Year of Hell," requested by Serena a while back. (I love doing two-parters.) This only reduces the Queue by one out of 49, but hey, it's something.
  • My distinguished competitor Cureboy of Voyager Coronary fame has written a guest fiver for "Maneuvers." Check it out!
  • J. D. Curran, a veteran guest writer with "Fury" and "The Gift" under his belt, has varied from his Kes-episode habit to produce fivers for Dragon's Teeth and the anti-classic Threshold.
  • 5MV also welcomes back SimonBob, who's written another video-game fiver: Five-Minute Half-Life.
  • I'm experimenting with new layouts for the main page. The current setup is tentative, but it provides readier access to the various sections. The "New fiver" graphics are also new. (Actually, I'm not quite sure what to do about that page...I feel like there's too much open space. Does anyone have an idea that could improve the look?)
  • 5MV hit 17000 today. (16000 was Sunday, I believe.) The average over the last few weeks has been 300 hits per day, which is due largely to the support of Delta Blues -- thanks go out to Jim as always.
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