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5MV Layout Changes

May 21, 2001

Beginning during a disconnected period on May 20, I made a few changes to the site's layout. They're noted here for bookkeeping purposes.
  • The most visible change: each page's header now includes two "double line" graphics which push the clock links to the corners of the page. The clocks have also been shrunk to a less ostentatious size.
  • Also in the header department, each section graphic ("EPISODES" or "FEEDBACK" or whatever) now links back to the main page for that section.
  • The titles are now smaller and in Arial text. Guest fivers now list the author in italics.
  • The News section has undergone big changes. This Just In now has an index page; most of the past update listings have been moved to a subpage; the latest news item is alone at the top of the main page; the redesign notes have been moved from Features to News, including this page; most fivers and articles mentioned in the update listings are now linked to from there. This all makes the section more user-friendly -- and a lot trickier to update.
  • Disclaimers have been added to the This Just In pages in response to some confusion about whether the Beltran interview was real.
If you readers spot a page that missed this redesign sweep, write me and I'll fix it.
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