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The Future of 5MV

May 27, 2001

Lately I've been asked the same question over and over: "What are you going to do now that Voyager's over?" To save myself a little typing, I've created this page.

First off: yes, I will be continuing on to the new series (Enterprise) when it debuts later this year. I haven't yet decided exactly what approach I'll take -- I may create a parallel site, I may make this site a mixture of the two, or I may keep the Five-Minute Voyager name and just add a new Episodes page for Enterprise. But one way or another, I'll be fiving the new episodes as they appear.

Second, just because Paramount's done with Voyager doesn't mean I am. 5MV currently covers 67 hours of the series, which leaves a hefty 104 -- and my goal has always been to do them all. I'm hoping to kill the Queue completely this summer (yes, all 49 episodes!). The site will also continue to welcome guest fivers; watch for several new ones this week.

Finally, I may not be limiting myself to one series. There's a whole lot more to Trek than Voyager -- I've had many requests for DS9 fivers, for example, and the idea appeals to me. This summer, I guarantee you'll see a nonstandard Trek fiver (I'd be telling if I said more). For that matter, there are other franchises out there, as Hejira and Nan the Mysterious Romulan have taught us. Stay tuned, fiver fans, 'cause the sky's the limit!

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