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MARCH 2003


March 7

Kira here, back from the dead. Or the brink of insanity. Or what you will. And I come bearing DS9 fivers for all! Derek Dean brings us his second DS9 fiver with Five-Minute "Cardassians," and forumgoer Sa'ar Chasm brings us Five-Minute "Body Parts" as his inaugural fiver.

There are some more guest fivers coming in the very near future, I swear. For real this time.



March 9

Kira here with a handfull of guest fivers, as promised. First off, a fiver that poor 4GOM has been waiting to be published since before dinosaurs roamed the earth: the anti-classic Five-Minute "Demon." Secondly, a pair of Next Gen fivers: Marc Richard follows his earlier fiver for "Booby Trap" with Five-Minute "Galaxy's Child" and newcomer dsbs debuts with Five-Minute "Haven." (Any 5MV trivia buffs may be interested to know that this is the first appearance of Lwaxana Troi in a fiver.)



March 13

Kira here. Today we've got a trio of fivers... well, one and two halves if you consider the length of TAS episodes. IJD GAF brings us Five-Minute "The Lorelei Signal" and Kristina Runyeon-Odeburg presents Five-Minute "Once Upon A Planet." Also today, to the delight of rabid Voyager fans everywhere, Five-Minute "The 37's" also by Kristina I'm-not-typing-that-last-name-again, making her first foray into Voyager.



March 20

Kira here. Two new fivers today: Five-Minute "The Emissary" by Marc Richard and Five-Minute Elite Force by Kosst Amojan.

In other news -- some of you may have noticed the disappearance of Jim's Deltablues site a few months ago. He's now relocated right here at 3Sgyma; you can get there at http://3sygma.com/deltablues. Also, Christian of TrekToday fame has started up a new website for the t.v. show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and he requested a plug. As a rabid fan of the show, I'm more than happy to oblige, so do drop by CSI Files if you watch the show... and if you don't, start now.



March 31

Kira here with a pair of Next Gen fivers: Five-Minute "Symbiosis" by new writer Nic Corelli, all the way from Croatia, and Five-Minute "Masks" by saxamaphone.


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