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November 1

Okay, show of hands. Who remembers what we did for Hallowe'en '03? It was one of our better mini-events: each of the (then) five staffers did something with a spooky theme. It was a good time. What really makes it memorable, however, is the second day, which featured two Big Deals: the beginning of IJD GAF's Alien series, and my parody of The Ring, one of the most popular fivers to date. (Around the net, that is. Most people at our forums haven't seen The Ring.)

This year, circumstances have aligned just right for us to make a sequel to that event. Welcome to Hallowe'en '05: Hallowe'en '03 II.

Like its predecessor, this is a mini-event, but not to be underestimated. Here's the first batch:

  • IJD GAF kicks us off with Alien3.
  • Handily enough, Smallville had a Hallowe'en episode this year (largely a Buffy homage -- with James Marsters, yet!), and Derek has fived it: "Thirst."
Be here tomorrow for Day 2!

(PS: What are you talking about? It's still Hallowe'en. Shut up.)

(PPS: A very happy belated birthday to longtime 5MVer Celeste!)



November 5

Welcome to Hallowe'en '05: Hallowe'en '03 II: Day 2! Here's the stuff....

  • In America, first you get The Ring, then you get The Ring 2, but in between you get Rings. This was a short film that was first issued with the special-edition DVD of The Ring, shortly before the sequel came out. (You can now get it with the Ring 2 DVD as well.) It's based on the brilliant premise of Samara's cursed video starting an underground teen craze, something between a cult and a huge game of Chicken. For a 15-minute feature, it's very original and very scary -- and I felt it was worthy of its own fiver.
  • Today we also have Derek's first standalone movie fiver: Dark City. I haven't seen the movie, but I'm told it's amazing, and Derek suggested that it would fit with this event. Enjoy.
Don't go away -- this event ain't over yet. Oh, and happy Guy Fawkes' Day.



November 9

The Hallowe'en conclusion is still pending, so in the meantime, Derek has a new Smallville fiver that should be published while it's still current: "Exposed." This was about as odd an episode as I've seen... isn't Lex Luthor just a mite young to be running for state senator?



November 14

Here's Derek's latest Smallville fiver: "Splinter." Oddly, it's not about mutant rats.

Now, about the Hallowe'en event... the conclusion was meant to be IJD's Alien Resurrection and my The Ring 2. Unfortunately, both of us have run into problems. With him it's lack of time, and with me it's something more elemental: fear. I'm having no luck getting through The Ring 2. Despite being as spoiled as possible, I can't even make it to Samara's first appearance. I could write the fiver "blind" (transcript-based), as I've done before with some VOY episodes, but it feels wrong now for some reason.

So rather than drag this thing out any further, I'm declaring the Hallowe'en event over. Both my fiver and IJD's will be along as soon as possible, but I'm not making anything else wait for them. (With luck, removing that pressure will help.) Thus we're back to the Smallville event, and when that's done... well, that'd be telling.



November 17

Nooooo! Checkerboard Nightmare is over! If you haven't checked out this comic, it's been one of the best around for just over five years. The author, Kris Straub, is still doing his other comic -- a sci-fi comedy strip called Starslip Crisis that I just recently got into -- but I'll miss Chex sorely.

(Yeah, today's a link day. I think I'm going to get back in the habit of doing those -- it's become clear that I can't consistently make daily updates with actual stuff in them.)


November 26

Five-Minute Smallville is back, and it wants blood! Here's the third batch of fivers:

  • "Spirit," the Season 4 episode where Clark's prom is invaded by a body snatcher; and
  • "Blank," the following episode, which I watched but just... can't... remember anything about. Hmm.
These are the last of Derek's Season 4 fivers, but he has three more from Season 5 to come in this event. And then there's Kryptonian Nazis! Don't miss it.

(Note: Sorry for the wait. This lapse was really badly-timed on my part, because this Tuesday we got over 2000 hits (!) from a Slashdot thread. I think they were mostly visitors of the breeze-in-breeze-out variety, as they left no mark of their passage at the forums -- but if anybody reading this came from that thread, welcome to FiveMinute.net! Have a pie.)


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