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January 8

Welcome to 2007 at FiveMinute.net. There'll be a 2006-in-review article, but first I want to get some content out. Some really weird content.

See, a while ago I discovered the wide world of comics blogs. (This is comic books, not comic strips or webcomics, although all three interest me.) There are some seriously hilarious ones out there; among the best is Chris's Invincible Super-Blog by Chris Sims. All you need to know is that this is the guy who likened reading a particular comic arc to "trying to pull yourself out of quicksand on a rope made of punches to the face." Because that's how he rolls.

Anyway, a while back Chris posted a parody of DC Comics's maxiseries INFINITE CRISIS, done very much in FiveMinute.net's style -- except for the crayon, that is. He called it INFINITE CRISIS in 30 Seconds. It was a great success, so when the blog's second anniversary rolled around last week, he decided to celebrate with a contest. Readers were invited to come up with their own "30-seconders," and the winner would get stuff.

Naturally, I couldn't pass that up. This sort of thing is my bread and butter -- except the drawing part, but that was expected to be bad. So while I didn't quite make the deadline for the contest part of things, I did create a submission, which I submit to you as well. Here's FLASH: "Chain Lightning" in 30 Seconds. (Since we're not exactly a comics site, I've included some annotations in this update's LJ post to explain what's going on.)

Next update: stuff you've heard of!



January 15

Let's face it, we're all upset about someone who's been in the news a lot lately. The things he's said, the things he's done... I for one am really outraged. But I can say one thing for him at least: he's a big enough man to take responsibility. Courtesy of This Just In, here's live coverage of Ambassador Shran's public apology.



January 22

For more than half our time online, 5M.net has had no better friend than TripHammered. So I'm sorry to have to report (belatedly) that evay will no longer be making regular updates. Why? Well, that part's simple: she won. TJI Brief #4 will fill you in.

Seriously though, evay's explained her reasons, and I can definitely relate to them. Enterprise has been off the air for nearly two years, and when something ends, the internet moves on very quickly. I love B5 and Farscape, but I hardly ever visit sites about those shows anymore. Forums about the MegaMan Battle Network series went from hubs of activity to ghost towns within a few months of the final game's release. This isn't necessarily something bad about online fandom; it's just a part of the equation. We can complain about it, but it's no more productive than yelling into the wind.

evay and I have fought to stay relevant. I eventually decided to de-specialize, going from Five-Minute Voyager to FiveMinute.net (something I probably should have done sooner). evay couldn't really do that. She added BSG content, but the heart of TripHammered is its gloriously specific theme. When ENT ended, TripHammered's mission -- to recount the etc. of Charles Tucker -- ended with it. That didn't mean evay had to stop, and indeed she kept going in top form for over a year. But it did mean staying relevant would be an uphill battle.

So as much as I'll miss TripHammered, I completely understand evay's decision. This problem is on my mind just as much. Don't worry -- 5M.net isn't ending, and my procrastination is a far greater threat than loss of relevance anyway. But I have ideas for keeping us moving, and this is one more reminder that I need to put them into action.

There are no true endings online. evay can bring back TripHammered or start a new site any time she wants, and I'll be there. But for now, here's a fond farewell to my favourite ENT-exclusive site. Ave atque mallet.


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