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January 1

Zeke here, welcoming you to the year 2003 at 5MV. This year promises to be full of entertainment, comedy, and the word "soon." (There may be some overlap.)

The first big site news of the year: Nan has finally seen the light and moved away from Geocities. Five-Minute Stargate is now hosted right here at 3Sygma. The new address for the site is http://3sygma.com/fiveminute/stargate. To celebrate the site's reopening, I've finally followed through on the promise I made to Nan when she first opened 5MSG and written a fiver of the original Stargate movie. I wrote this one with Kira sitting next to me, so you know it's good. Go have a look at the new site, and then let Nan know what you think at the 5MSG forum.

Also on tap today: Five-Minute "Darmok" by Kristina of the long last name.

I suppose I should make a New Year's resolution of some sort. While I'm familiar with the custom, my past experience with it has been somewhat mixed. Therefore, I hereby resolve to conduct myself as well this year as I conduct myself this year. I guarantee that I will keep this promise.


January 13

Yeesh -- twelve days without an update. I blame school, the flu, Murphy's Law (specifically, "Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong") and, for good measure, Wesley Crusher.

Today, we have a new This Just In from Zeke: Trek science officers demand explanation. Yes, I know today isn't Sunday -- see previous reference to the flu and Murphy's Law.

Also today, a new guest fiver by saxamaphone, making his first venture into DS9 with Five-Minute "Take Me Out to the Holosuite."


January 16

Kira here with a couple tidbits. Kristina Runyeon-Odeburg continues her domination of TAS with Five-Minute "The Eye of the Beholder." The lady's got enough fivers under her belt now that I can spell her last name without looking it up.

Elsewhere at 5MV, some new joke explanations have been added in the About section. Also, a belated notice that there are a grand total of seven new fivers up at Five-Minute Stargate. I'd list them, but there's quite a few.


January 19

Two "newbie" guest fivers today. Alexia makes her debut with Five-Minute "Bride of Chaotica!" while KJP brings us Five-Minute "We'll Always Have Paris."


January 28

This time, I've got a good excuse for the nine-day gap -- my laptop went on the fritz and took all my files with it. (Some days, I hate computers.) However, the wait is over and there's some new material in the wings. Today, Marc Richard brings us a pair of "Trilling romances": Five-Minute "The Host" and Five-Minute "Rejoined."

There will be more to come later in the week, so stay tuned.


January 31

I hate to encourage comments from Celeste like "MORE my minions!" with regards to Voyager fivers, but nonetheless, a fiver I've been meaning to do for months: Five-Minute "Memorial."

There will be some new material on the weekend, including a new This Just In article and the tantalizing possibility of some Enterprise fivers on the horizon if the Luck Gods are good to Zeke.

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