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5MV Update History

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JUNE 2001


June 5

The new This Just In is now online (Zeke under fire from Barenaked Ladies). Sorry about the delay; certain RL pressures mean that updates may be slower than usual for a little while. Oh, another "millennial note" -- 5MV hit 18000 on Saturday.

June 5 Supplemental

Made some minor adjustments in the Links section.


June 6

J. D. Curran ties Lea Frost's record for most prolific guest writer, delivering his third fiver this week and fifth in total: "Good Shepherd." It's great material -- check it out.


June 13

Three items, all good!

  • The new This Just In, "'Shippers boycott oxygen," is now up (much delayed for reasons I won't go into; I'll try to get back onto my regular Sunday schedule).
  • My new Trek Nation article, The Voyage Home, is now online. This one's an attempt to take an evenhanded look at Voyager's history.
  • Now the great news: 5MV has hit 20000! And a mere ten weeks after 10000, at that! Be warned, I'll be smug about this for a while....

June 15

Not much to report today; I just added my two Trek Nation articles to the Features section. Look for some new content this weekend, along with a special announcement or two....


June 20

Sorry, I know I said "this weekend." Better late than never, right? Right?
*crickets chirp*
Ah well. There are two Very Special new fivers now online: Five-Minute First Contact (to mark the site's first birthday) and the first VVS8 fiver, Five-Minute "Hiatus" (click here for the explanation). I've also put up a new link button.
(NOTE: My e-mail response time has been slow lately for various reasons, and that's not going to change in the immediate future. Please understand if it takes me a while to get back to you.)


June 25

Posted the latest This Just In article.


June 26

My new fiver for "Course: Oblivion" is now up. This was the oldest request on the Queue, made over a year ago by the very patient Fuzzhead.


June 27

The second VVS8 episode, "Snakes in the Grass," is now online -- as is my fiver for it.

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