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November 6

I'm back again. See, this time --

Crowd: Get on with it!

Right. Here's an update I was planning for Hallowe'en. (I know that's a week ago now, but Hallowe'en isn't over till the Simpsons say it is.) You guys know I'm a huge Mega Man fan; you may also know I'm into Zelda and Metroid. But I have another favourite game series that hasn't even been touched on this site until now. Here's my fiver of one of the greatest NES games of all: Castlevania!



November 10

I've got four of Derek's Smallville fivers to post, so I'm going to split it two-and-two. First, here are his fivers for "Arrow" and "Reunion," two of the better episodes the show's done lately.



November 15

Rumour has it there's going to be some sort of thing posted tomorrow. Like an article or some such. And it involves, like, a big pit. And something happening to it. And eyes of skull has a secret. It's all pretty vague. I should probably find a better source than some random old guy I found in a cave.

In the meantime, here's a link courtesy of IJD. A while back, Wired magazine thought about Ernest Hemingway's famous six-word story and decided to invite other writers to come up with their own. They got lots of submissions, some from very big names, and they make for very interesting reading. Here's the collection, and here's our thread discussing it. I'm just sorry they didn't get even more -- I'd love to see what Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, or Brannon Braga would come up with, to name just a few.

And a note from the Zekosphere: normally a day where you have a root canal performed is not a lot of fun, but it's a whole other story when this happens afterwards.



November 20

As the forumgoers know, 5M.net's own Sa'ar Chasm is now officially a Master of Science! As my congratulations to him, here's a new TJI article: Fictional science remastered. (This is what I was alluding to in the previous update.) It's a landmark for us too -- this is TJI's 50th regular issue.



November 25

I've got three Smallville fivers in the queue, but the show seems to be on break, so I'll space 'em out a bit. Here's the first, Five-Minute "Fallout" (by Derek, of course).

Also, Nate is hoping to get some people interested in creating audiofivers, which are more or less what they sound like. (Get it? Sound? Eh? Eh?) Anyway, here's the thread he started for discussing the matter, and you'll find his email address there if you're interested.


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