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February 7

This is just a quick note to let you know I'm not dead -- the big updates come tomorrow. Among the things you can expect are new content in Andromeda and Next Gen, the return of a section that's been on hiatus, fivers for "Sleeping Dogs" and "Shadows of P'Jem," and a big, big surprise that's been weeks in the making. Don't miss it!


February 8

Frell it...I really thought I could get all that stuff done today, but I couldn't. Most of what I mentioned yesterday will have to wait. However, I did manage to get two new fivers ready: Enterprise's Sleeping Dogs and Andromeda's Home Fires, also available at TrekToday and SlipstreamWeb respectively. The latter is a Very Special Fiver, but you need to know something of recent events behind the scenes at Drom to "get" the allegory. Basically, series creator Robert Hewitt Wolfe got the sack, star Kevin Sorbo is playing an increasing role in all aspects of the series, and Tribune has decided to cut down drastically on all serialized elements of Andromeda (in other words, to go for an episodic show instead of an arc-based one). This may well be nothing short of a death sentence on the series. In "Home Fires," I've taken huge liberties with Ethlie Ann Vare's excellent script to retell the RHW story metaphorically. Hope you enjoy it.


February 21

This is another piecemeal update before the big one, I'm afraid. I've got two new Enterprise fivers for you: Shadows of P'Jem (which debuted last week at TT) and Shuttlepod One (published earlier today). I'm pretty happy with both. Stay tuned for further updates, hopefully soon....


February 22

Two items today. Let's take care of the big one first: Five-Minute Star Trek is finally here! IJD GAF is the latest recruit to 5MV's staff, and I'm sure you'll give him a warm welcome. The introductory article for 5MST is here; it'll link you to the revamped subsite and my traditional section-launch fiver. There's also a comment thread available in the 5MV forums, where you're welcome to post feedback of any kind.

The other news for today is that the 5MV Nomenclature Contest II is now over. The goal this time was to find a better term than "external subsite" to describe Five-Minute Buffy, Stargate, and Fifth Voyager. There were quite a few good suggestions, but I fell in love with "exosite" the moment I heard it, and after that there was no contest. Kudos to contest winner SCMoll for the idea.

Speaking of the forums, I'd also like to call your attention to the Dear Doctor discussion currently active in Comments on Recent Fivers. Where do you stand on this complicated ethical question? I'd love to hear from more people.

Finally, a brief note that the update letter will be delayed till tomorrow, as will the publication of IJD's fivers at the Trek BBS.


February 26

Hot on the heels of the relaunched Classic Trek section comes the relaunched Features section. The Top 10 lists and Trek Nation articles are still there, and you'll find some new content too. I particularly recommend Doc Annin's dialogue piece, "The Disbanding."

Now then...as I was unable to announce here yesterday, the seven days from yesterday to Sunday are Next Generation Week here at 5MV. In this showcase for the talented writers of 5MNG, you'll find a new Next Gen fiver here each day -- and maybe a little extra material for the finale. Section head Marc Richard got the ball rolling yesterday with "11001001," and today's contribution (from veteran guest writer Kira) is "The Survivors." We'll be in Season 3 a little longer; stay tuned!

Finally, one more apology for the delay with the e-mailed update notices. I'll get them out as soon as I can.


February 27

For the third day of Next Generation Week, here's another new Kira fiver: "A Matter of Perspective."


February 28

Kira's TNG trilogy concludes today with "The Mind's Eye," the fourth entry in Next Generation Week. Sorry about the downtime earlier today, by the way. I don't know what the cause was -- next time Owen pops up, I'll ask him. The forums are apparently still down, but I think they'll be back soon enough.

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